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I'm glad this bitch isn't getting married. Sounds like she would make some nice Indian guy's life a living hell. Indra39 , Apr 13, Ecko and LivingLegendY2J like this. LivingLegendY2J , Apr 13, Sounds like a troll. BlackWolf , Apr 13, Most pathetic sub on reddit. MFThomas , Apr 13, Last edited by Quentin , Apr 13, Ecko and BlackWolf like this.

Ragnar21 , Apr 13, Legendery , Apr 13, Moodi , Apr 13, OP lurks the theredpill lmfaooooo. ClammyJim , Apr 13, LamaBraveheart , Apr 13, Last edited by LamaBraveheart , Apr 13, Dev , Apr 13, She sounds like an idiot who just wants it easy. MutatedZombieRat , Apr 13, Ecko , Apr 13, Indian men and women are attractive enough and we should be that to each other. As a nation that is continuously insulted by western countries and similar states as a nation of poverty-stricken savages or an ugly group of people who want their white women, the least we can do is grow some self-respect, marry our own kind and work towards developing our own state with heads held high.

I can relate…I have some friends who are crazy about these stuffs so they just ignores Black or Brown girls over Whites,which I presume is Racism.

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  8. I have some Foreign friends so I know how much is it to live in India as a Foreigner…there are some morons with their annoying behaviour and you may have already seen this across Social medias,how they are crazy about getting them but there are also nice people. Found this article because my boyfriend lives in the US is Indian, and his family is all still in India. He is preparing to let them know I American exist, and I was just looking into what to expect. The story that a man took out 3 condoms in parking lot appears fake and over exaggerated for the following reasons.

    Dating in India as a Foreigner: The Do’s and Don’ts

    Of course it appears funny and is useful in forcing people to read further. He parked the car at a restaurant and not outside a hotel so why would he show condoms suddenly.

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    7. It is almost impossible to have sex in parking lot of any Indian restaurant. This idea has been picked directly from Hollywood movies 3. As an Indian man binge watching American shows and even my friends have been watching American shows from a long time but desperate housewives or Sex in the city are not quite popular among Indian men.

      So that mention also points out to the some fakeness. Before starting the story it is good to sort out the facts right. Foreign readers who are the intended audience might believe coz they are not aware. Your first thought is to assume the woman telling this story is a liar and exaggerator… interesting! Wow, some very interesting anti — India propaganda there, as usual! I am Indian , live now in Kolkata , but was born and brought up in Berlin, Germany. Berlin is an international city, and I have seen German , British , American women all do their thing, living it up.

      I am also aware of how often white women become victims of date-rape and gang-rape , courtesy their oh-so-civilised white boyfriends.


      And then ,suddenly , when you all come to India, you all become virtuous, decent , self-respecting ladies! Who do you think you are fooling? And I have also been to the United Arab Emirates, where I have seen white women tourists get into cars with complete strangers- rich sheiks by the way, in order to sell sex for money. Where was their sense of self-respect then? We ,the intelligent, widely travelled population of India have called your bluff long ago.

      If any Indian men are reading this, my advice to you is- avoid white women like the plague. No wonder thousands of Americans who want to have a decent family come to south-east Asia to find brides! They have had enough of your double standards too. A tbousand apoplogies for the vile garbage in the above comment that was made in my name by an arsehole who was using my computer!

      Indian woman complains about being rejected by fellow Indians after only dating whites | IGN Boards

      Delete this piece of trash immediately-you are so right about Indians. I am very sorry for the hurt caused by this extreme racist bullshit this motherfucker spewed out from MY computer. Once again, extremely sorry for the hurt this caused. My comment below will tell you how I really feel about your topic. I was shocked when I came back to India to see how western women are treated. Never about girlfriends or whether they are married or not. This immediately signals disinterest in matters of romance or sex.

      If he becomes uncomfortable, you know what he really wants. These three initial tests usually give a good idea of who you are dealing with. Guys who react very positively to this approach make for good friends you can really hang out with and count on. In that case, good luck. But, sad to say , so many of the white women I have met have had horrible tales to tell. Willing to Make Sacrifices: A good marriage will be needing all the way up most of your time. If you love your task and cannot find yourself sustaining a internal life on the career-driven existence it is actually really do not to enter into marriage yet.

      Query like "will I marry and sacrifice my career to get a marital life life" need a respectable option. You can answer yes any time asked having said that, you have to make sure that you answered it to be honest in any other case you will purely be lying to yourself.

      Dating in India: The Do’s and Don’ts as a Foreign Woman

      It is not easy to develop a profession and if you are not likely very happy quit in that case it's do not to generate wed prior to you have become prepared to gain that. Insights On Significant Aspects In https: It happens with Indian girls too most of the times. I blame Western Media for portraying White Women as easy! Also I know White women tend to racially profile Indian men or any non white men!

      They just want to date an Indian guy if they ever want to date one to experience culture! From the beginning they have made their mind to not go into serious relationship with the Indian Guy and use the companionship as just sort of exploring culture and not the person! The girl and the guy date or get to know each other for the first few months before committing to each others lives and families and getting married. Dating in India as a Foreigner: For example, Goa is much more modern than Delhi so you can get away with shorts and tank tops in Goa.

      However, if you wear such things in Delhi you will attract the wrong sort of attention. Expect bars to close around Realize that our idea of friendliness might be their idea of flirtation. Not long ago I went shopping with my Indian boyfriend and was chatting with the clerk that helped me. My boyfriend said he thought I was being flirtatious while I just thought I was being nice and polite.

      Dating As An Indian Woman

      Ask if they have a car. Car ownership is not as prevalent in India so you may need to take public transportation. Realize that they may think we are less inhibited or easier than Indian women. It does not take much to encourage them. Thanks x 5 LOL! I've been reading the comments in her response to her post and was pleasantly surprised to see Indians being honest about the anti-blackness in their community and telling her she deserves better than this fool.

      But of course the ONE comment villainizing her and taking the side of her cowardly boyfriend came from a black man. I hope she realises her worth and avoids herself years of pain by getting the eff out. If someone shows you who they are, believe them. I wish her well.

      There's a big dick Indian dude I follow on reddit that posted himself banging this black girl before. I wonder if that's him and her. If it is, I see why she stays Mapache clever btw is right, ffs! I bet his ass felt convicted chastising her for all to see. My blood is boiling! Indian culture is so prejudiced in general. Even with their own people. Hindus can't marry Sikh's or Muslims and vice versa. They don't like darker skinned Indians. I was on a flight and watched the documentary Meet The Patels and they were talking about how people named Patel are from a certain region in India and they only like marrying people with that last name, it was so weird.

      South Asians are bigger racists than white people yep. Not white skin makes people insecure and extra vicious. I had a friend of Indian descent and his ways alone told me to never mess with them. They are backwards, but pretend not to be. Two years is too long not to tell your parents about a serious relationship. I also believe, there is a chance he's not as great as she believes.

      They started out hooking up.