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I feel like its the best choice for me personally and the planet. However, I am open minded and make an effort not to push my ideals around food on others. I like to keep busy, I am currently working in a pre-k classroom and hope to find a teaching postion next year with the same age group. I also tutor older students right now. I enjoy meeting new people and have a nerdy side to me that I enjoy indulging from time to time. I practice yoga , mystic yoga-antiaging, Im a dj, i enjoy music, hiking, i love all animals espeacialy cats.

On a lighter note, I really adore doing yoga outside, swimming, boating, and volunteerping at the animal shelter. The Scorpio in me makes me want to dive deep. The libra wants harmony and play. I split my time between teaching yoga and working at a dance residency site. Yoga and dance keep my quite active and I enjoy traveling, reading and seeing movies when I am not working. I am a sports fan and come from a long line of Packer and Badger fans.

For me life is simple, no need for headaches or drama I embrace meeting like minded people who love themselves and honor their journey thus far. It is very important for me to go deep, explore and be free We are here to experience what is and evolve through that. Freedom of exploration which helps uplift my spirit to a higher level. I've been a vegan now for 3 years. I became a vegetarian 4 years ago after I watched 2 documentaries. Food inc and forks over knives. About 6 years ago I changed my whole view on life. I grew up with friends who ate junk, smoked and drank and were out of shape and pretty negative.

I always felt different though so at one point I decided I wanted more out of life so I started working out..

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I really took an interest in health and that's how I came across those documentaries among many others. I continued my research and learned more and more about health and nutrition. I've always had strong will power and discipline. Just never focused on the right things It really hit me how little I knew or even cared to know about what happens to our food before it hits our supermarkets.

As I dug deeper into it and started to really reap the benefits mentally, physically and spiritually from changing my old habits, I discovered more about this world that I was never taught growing up. I now am in great physical shape. I have a positive view on life, became more spiritual and spend my time learning and growing myself. Of course I have tried a bite of meat here and there, but it was never enough of a draw to convert me.

Despite all of my friends eating meat and often teasing me for it , I have stuck with it and plan on it for the rest of my life. Besides that, I am a 28 year old engineer who is freshly single, and living by myself in a house that could use a bit more furniture. I am a very capable and handy person, and I always have some sort of home renovation project going on. I consider myself an active person, but it's not always exercise related.

Though I am technically an introvert, I consider myself quite sociable and you don't have to worry about me not interacting in a party setting. My voluntary passtimes are drawing, watching TV, cooking and the occasional video game. My involuntary passtimes are reading self improvement stuff , yardwork, and laundry.. I do try to stay in relatively good shape, but I will admit I am not an athlete sorry if that's a deal breaker! I will say that I wouldn't mind trying out some yoga , as long as you don't tell my guy friends.

That's enough about me for now; I can't tell you everything because that wouln't be fun. I hope this is enough to spark some interest! I enjoy the natural process of getting to know someone in a conversation instead of a resume or endless texting. I believe that in love and in life, there is always a solution, you just have to find it.

I work with kids of all ages, I'm a singer, a songwriter, and I teach music, bellydance, yoga , and theater arts. I am also a full-figured busty woman with a Venus Goddess body. Aside from the occasional indulgence, I eat healthy mostly raw foods and exercise every day, which is making me less full-figured by the day. Apples, nori, and zucchini noodles are saving my life!!!

I graduated with my BA degree and completed my yoga teacher certification earlier this year. There's a flower in my hair most days, otherwise I feel kind of naked. I am a vegan 20 something woman. Natural redhead, I like cooking, animals, yoga among other things.

Don't be afraid to message me, I don't bite! I am extremely passionate about healthy lifestyles and mindfulness but fitness aside, I love cooking spicy food, eating mangoes, long walks in NYC, sports photography,and exploring as much of the vegan community as I can: I'm a Brooklyn native, owner and lover of two cats, and currently an AmeriCorps service member as a communications specialist with the Generation Schools Network.

I feel more at home in nature than a big city but enjoy the cultural and artistic opportunities of the city. I enjoy hiking, kayaking, swimming, skiing, exploring a forest, meadow, mountain etc. I am considered by others to be loving, affectionate, loyal, open minded, caring, sensitive and adventurous.

Love animals, sports watching, mostly , music eclectic but rock is at the top , yoga. Would love to find someone with shared interests to spend some time with. Speak Spanish and some French. Been living in Florida for 19 years and I absolutely love it. I work as a drum teacher and I am also a percussionist in a band. I consider myself a secular Buddhist. I care about the environment, love nature, being outdoors and animals. I also meditate and do yoga daily. I love learning new things and exploring new places. Thanks for checking out my profile and good luck in your search: I love and live with two dogs and three cats, and have a horse.

LOVE animals, nature, our universe, and really worry sometimes about what we are doing to our planet. I strive to be part of a positive change.

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I'm in the process of becoming a psycho therapist. Since I have my daughter she's five I know that motherhood is one of the sweetest things. I love different kinds of music to listen to, and to dance to good electronic music for hours! Can't stand speziesism, racism, sexism! Love long good talks, anusara yoga , walks, good food, AR activism, good friends, reasons to laugh, fresh air, honesty, depth My life has some bigger stories, and I'm constantly working on becoming more and more aware and conscious of myself. I have lived in Germany, Libya, and different parts of the States, and travelled a bit.

I'm always open for and curious about new things, ideas, places, perspectives. Love to travel physically and mentally Most likely won't be open for moving out of Germany or Berlin area any time soon - unless something unusual happened Also into meditation, self development. I love to sing, dance, create do yoga and qigong, try new things and have new experiences.

I am constantly seeking to expand into greater Love and help others whom are seeking to achieve the same. I am forever looking to improve my mind, body spirit wellbeing and to be a better person in the world and to myself. I'm city critter who owns a home in the Art Museum area of Philadelphia. I'm a native New Yorker born n raised with a ridiculous accent but redeeming self deprecated insight I hope. I'm a vegan and have gotten active about it.

Because I'm a vegan for the animals, the environment and life. I marched wuthythiudsvfdyof others in?? I have rescued cars n dogs. I'm passionate about many interests. In believing you can make a difference by doing n manifesting that as positive proof against the ubiquitous helpless feeling people feel because they aren't doing.

I also design origin one of a kind jewelry. I really find moments of being present every day and finding the magic in nature n gardening and sky gazing and getting my vitamin D the old fashioned way. Please say hello n tell me what's missing. I'm very active n I'm shape n black hair I don't dye. I'm looking good for Vegan diet n nutrition m motion is fountain of youth. Let Food be Thy Medicine Socrates? Just missing the SO to love. I belive in God and I would like to find a man who is reliable, trustworthy and careful. I practice yoga and meditation everyday, once a week I go to circular dance sacred dance.

I like to talk many subjects, like most of musics, averything I do with music, even I'm attending pacients. I love live groovy music. I like to bike ride, love to dance, and take weekend getaway trips. I am very active, emotionally available, young at heart and in excellent health. I will never grow old I have a PhD in Clinical Psychology and continue working part-time in my private practice.

I was born in New York, my heritage is Italian, and I've been divorced for about 25 years with no children. I'm not looking for the perfect relationship, but I am looking for the right relationship. Harmony is of utmost importance to me, especially in inter-personal relationships. However, at this stage in my life, meditation is the highest priority in my life. I am with a particular living Master on the spiritual path and meditate regularly apart from doing yoga , pranayama etc. People tell me I have a great sense of humour in that I can make a group of people laugh wherever I am: I'm generally a very accommodating person but have realised that you do get taken for a ride if you sort of overdo it.

Guess it's the modern world which interprets humility to mean weakness. I was born into a culture of spirituality and vegetarianism Indian food is mostly vegan and so for me, this has always been a way of life. Didn't I say I was not fussy?: I am happy being with like-minded people and tend to learn from them and their varied experiences. For me, each person is such a treasure-house and I appreciate the good in everyone who comes my way.

I like gardening, juicing roots and fruits. Have a goat I milk by hand and her milk is just as sweet as she is, also a female yak just as nice! When I think back to the beganing of me 7 year enlightening and hope people will seek the meek way of living and free their spirit. I have a dry sense of humor. I work preprofessionally as an autism specialist. I am honest and well intentioned.

I recently relocated from Milwaukie to a new studio in the Alphabet District downtown. I grew up in Illinois and went to a university in Connecticut. I have ties with my extended family, who live in many states here in the US. I am happy to be in Portland most of the time. I meditate almost every day. I am secure with who I am and where I am going in life.. I have a firm sense of independence.. At the same time I want to create special moments in life and revel in the most mundane with my partner. Ultimately I want to share my dreams, joy, aspirations and family in time with a similar minded man.

Raising my 8 year old girl in a healthy way. Providing her opportunities for success and fun I work as an autism specialist and editorial assistant. I'm starting grad school in January. I have great credit. Hobbies- Art, camping, hiking, tennis, and softball Taking my 6-month old cat outside New hobby- Children's fiction writing.

Indian food, raw food. Music moves me, especially when shared with people I care about. Mindfulness practices including meditation, self compassion, yoga , running and biking are some of the ways I enjoy spending my time. I am a licensed professional counselor and own a private practice. I am pretty sure I came into this world to help others and show up as completely as I can. Life is short, so I do my best to be as present as possible in whatever I may be doing. I love deep conversation and being witness to what is authentic, vulnerable and true. There is something magical and beautiful in moments of sincere communication, as it allows for soulful connection.

I enjoy quiet moments for reflection and am content to read books, which allow me insight into myself and encourages me to look honestly at who I am. I am VERY self aware and have a deep understanding of others Bodhi and Precious Sparkle -I teach yoga -I love candles, incense and burning sage I do, however, watch documentaries once in a while on Netflix. My dog Bear died a few years ago and I miss that boy! There is so much more for all of us to share, as we are so beautifully unique and interesting.

Peace and Light and Love and Justice and Prosperity and Love to walk and talk and play a few sports. Occasionally like doing the usual: My diet is fully raw vegan for 2 years. I practice yoga during last 5 year. I am professional artist and I love my work very much. My first language is Spanish, I'm into healthy lifestyle, practice yoga and I like taoist philosophy. I'm a self taught musician so I enjoy going to concerts, jamming with people and dance. Thinker, laid back, alternative and loyal to a fault.

I'm a diehard liberal and a Vegan. Love almost all genres of music except for country and I typically go to around a dozen shows per year. Fairly reserved until I get to know someone. I have a passion for playing pool. Not a deal breaker if that isnt your thing. I'm a cancer and the sign definitely fits my personality. I've been told I have a calming presence but there's an intense side of me as well. I like to party and drink when I go out. I'm pretty open minded when it comes to relationships but I demand honesty.

Relationships are fluid and the chemistry should determine how and where it goes so I don't really like placing a boundary on what I'm looking for.

If we vibe and have a good time together we'll continue seeing each other - it's really that simple. That could be for awhile or forever. Wherever you are is where you're supposed to be. No judgements and no expectations. I have a good stable job , have a house and a hilarious, awesome 12 year old son. I've got my shit together. I've been a vegetarian more than ten years,I not only can stay quiet time alone also can happy with friends.

I like to do Meditation, yoga ,reading,drink tea,swimming ,hiking. I can cook delicious Chinese style vegetrian food.: Like animals, gardening, cycling, going to the theatre, reading books, like music - jazz, blues, rock, classical, like dancing My beliefs are; Honesty is number one to me, trust cannot be established or stay if honesty is a question. I respect other's privacy, but in an intimate relationship, I think intimacy can only be established when there are no secrets.

I want a life partner, but the right person, not looking to be in a relationship just for the sake of being with someone. I was raised Catholic, and there is still alot of Catholic in me, but I attend a Unity church here in St. Pete that is all welcoming, and more Spiritually based. I believe that a couple needs to have God or The Universe or Buddah, or whomever in their life as well, I truely believe that without a shared belief system of how we see and view the world, no union will be blessed or have a chance of lasting.

Being kind, compassionate and a resource to others in need is important. I try not to take my blessings for granted, I am sounding a little churchy but I swear I am not. I just want to make sure I attract a good, kind, honest and caring person who is NOT a narcissist or someone that has control issues and must be the "Alpha" dog, I don't want to walk behind anyone, I want to walk beside them and be their friend. My interests are wide and varied: I have a kayak, I love the water, I love playing in the waves like a kid body surfing, I enjoy roller blading, biking and if you happen to have a motor cycle I love to ride on the back with you, the hum of a Harley is a beautiful thing.

I own a Airstream Travel trailer I am in the process of restoring and hope to get it on the road soon to do some camping, locally here at first. I love to hike, climb mountains, overall I love the outdoors and adventures. I have done one skydive years ago not sure I want to do that again, but I would like to hang glide they do it here in florida where you are attached to a plane and pulled up and then released that woud be awesome! I am scuba certified but haven't dove in years, would love to get back into that I do yoga and love how it makes my body and mind feel.

I am an introvert hence joining this sight as I feel it is hard to meet Vegan men in my area, I think there are only two! I am also quite happy at home reading, or watching a movie at home and snuggling with someone I care about. My two dogs are my world, they are my furbabies. I love Old Houses, Architecture and Construction, landscaping, making my home for beautiful and comfortable to spend time in. I don't care what race, color or creed you are, I simply am looking for someone who shares my interests and has a passion for life, who doesn't get too frustrated when things don't go their way, but is always positive about how to handle adversity.

I think that is a good start Thanks for reading, Oh, yes, and I am a frustrated writer at heart Vegetarian 20 yrs plus. I am kind, friendly and considerate person of gentle and peaceful nature. Love swimming, sea and sun-ny weather. Music that can touch the soul, colours of nature, stars in the sky My interests are connected to health and healing. I have studied homeopathy and from there developed some other interests connected to health and healing like: I like reading books specially on personal development.

I do enjoy practice of yoga and meditation; with mantra and love spiritaulity with deep spiritual practice. I am vegetarian for more than 20 years. I like to cook and enjoy it if there is someone to cook for or more of them of course.. It can be really very creative and fun. I enjoy running and yoga. I listen to black metal and noise I try to make noise with a calculator. Politically far to the left. I'm shy at first, but open up when I get to know someone. I want to start calisthenics training and other physical activities like yoga. I am open minded, wouldn't mind learning acroyoga with a nice partner, I am comfortable with nudity, and any self expression of love.

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I am for natural birthing and nonconventional medicine from urban lifestyle. I had worked in the hospital before and it doesn't help any patient get any better from the drugd they prescribe, and giving birth in hospitals has multitude of negative outcome. I became a massage therapist to better communicate with people through touch and find pains that has been held for awhile. Well, by nationality too, but after living in 3 continents I have a bit of an identity crisis the good kind , and an accent that puts me nowhere.

A perk I enjoy, though, is that I can easily pronounce even the really long yoga -pose names. So fun in parties. Also, pro-tip, namaste doesn't rhyme with stay, but "thay" in Cathay Pacific. It may sound like I've led an interesting or an adventurous life, but alas, nothing out of the ordinary.

But I am extremely modest, and an aficionado of oxymorons. I'm a goofy guy, and I make a lot of poor jokes even of the paternal kind , and a few great ones from time to time. Being happy is my usual state of mind, and am affable and approachable even at work where people are supposed to be grumpy. Weirdly enough, I'm an introvert on social media and in bar scenes, but social in most other settings. I even made small talk with this nice elderly lady who asked me if she was in my way at the grocer's today.

Outside of grown-up responsibilities, I usually have something that am obsessing over, and right now it's carpentry and mattress shopping. A couple of months back it was getting good at pool, and before that it was board games. I don't entirely give up on anything though; I just know am not switching careers anytime soon and don't have to be serious about my hobbies. Been divorced two years and I am a mother.

I seek the beauty in all situations and spirituality is important to me. I generally enjoy other people and trying hobbies and activities that my partner enjoys. Yogiyesa 45 year old, spiritual, Asian male Cambridge, Ontario, Canada For Casual dates OR activity partner Almost veg diet, Hello fellow veggies, I am happily single but am eager to connect with people to find out what their passions in life are. I'm a mixture of sarcasm and quick wit, love to laugh and feel comfortable in the kitchen, cutting the rug on the dance floor or cuddling up with a good movie.

I walk a lot as like my exercise. I'm a Marine Corps veteran with degrees in nutrition and literature. I consider myself to be a sapiosexual, but I also enjoy a lot of low-brow comedy and art. I sing for a punk rock band and I play bass as well. I'm a bit of a book and movie nerd. Dick dominating my kindle. I love to cook, and I plan to write a cookbook one day. I enjoy opera, theater, museums, orchestras, and all that civilization has to offer, but I also like dive bars, karaoke, camping, the outdoors and nature. I lift weights, practice yoga and have trained in a variety of martial arts.

I also spent 3 years stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I love learning about different cultures and their history, but I also love road trips across the U. I've been to 37 of 50 states, and I plan to hit all 50 before I'm My friends say I'm a multifaceted and motivating person, and they admire me for my tenacity and drive. I recently changed careers and am starting a new job as a registered dietitian after spending the last 3 years completing an intense 2 years of undergrad to earn a second bachelor's degree and then completing a hour internship while also working on a Master of Science degree in nutrition and passing an intense exam.

I'm not really into team sports and I could live without the NFL, MLB or NBA, but I do enjoy staying active, whether that's lifting weights, doing yoga, training in Krav Maga, hiking, camping, walks with my dog or anything else outdoors. Some of my favorite things: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

I could rattle off a lot more factoids about myself, but you really have to get to know me to understand my passions, my drive, and my sense of humor. I have been vegan for 4 years and living a vegan lifestyle is very important to me as is living a healthy lifestlye in general. I like to workout run, spin, weights, yoga at least 3 or 4 times a week.

I also really love to travel, especially abroad, and love studying foreign languages. I would very much like to meet someone with similar intersts and beliefs. I constantly work on improving my health and well being and have also taken classes at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. I'm somewhat spiritual, creative, a bit of a thinker, problem solever. From my experience the all raw food diet is the healthiest diet. Although I prefer the countryside, I enjoy the odd trip to art galleries, museums and theatres. I love walking in the country, yoga and swimming.

I believe keeping fit is just as important as eating a good wholesome Vegan diet. I really enjoy live music, festivals, concerts and going to see a good film. I love to travel and explore new places, gardening, preparing yummy food, art, reading and creating 'things' from recycled goods. I love to spend time with family and friends but enjoy being on my own too. I enjoy living a simple and uncomplicated life with peace and tranquility. I enjoy conversations, have a sense of humor and am inclined to be outspoken and affectionate. I've understanding and experience with yoga , meditation, Eastern philosophy, spirituality, personal growth and have lived in various communities or ashrams in America and briefly in Nepal.

After forty years of vegetarian living, including periods of macrobiotics, fruitarian, sproutarian and raw food diets, I'm now vegan with rare exceptions. I prefer a simple life style, a chemical free home, natural healing, eating organic and items made of natural materials. I did a fair amount of backpacking in my 20s and would love to get back into travelling once my children have flown the nest. At the moment I try to travel within the UK when I can. I LOVE music, especially live gigs all different genres, past and present.

I love stand up comedy and would like to learn yoga. I love cooking and baking but am so often rushed during the week that I don't do enough of it. I meditate every day and like boot camp training, running and being outdoors. I'm also partial to a good period drama, chick flick or animated film on rainy weekends. I am in my third year of a part time Psychology with Counselling degree. I'm fascinated by energy healing and the law of attraction. When I find time to read, it's usually about these topics, or self help.

I love hanging out with down to earth, humourous types like most people I'm sure and I'm always on a quest to find a quaint cafe or coffee shop. I am happy being single and I lead a fulfilling life, but connecting with a like minded soul also appeals to me: I have travelled a lot around the world and educated in US, Europe and India. I already have 2 doctorates as I love to study. I studied Mathematics, Computer science and Physics but ended finishing my doctorate in Neuroscience related to consciousness, fear and anxiety.

Later, I worked and researched on behavioral states and have published some articles. As I am having my own vegetarian roots and I was never convinced about otherwise I kept my roots still feeding me and therefore I am here to see if I can find someone who can adjust and appreciate my lifestyle. I do some yoga regularly and eat very healthy food.

I am open to receive messages as location is not a problem and I have friends from almost every part of the world. And by the way, I love cooking!! I enjoy backpacking and hiking, and have hiked part of the Continental Divide Trail in Colorado. I love swimming, traveling, yoga , and reading.

I also enjoy photography, haven't gotten that perfect shot yet, but it's fun trying. I volunteer for a non-profit organization in my spare time. I try to meditate every morning. I can go from getting my hands dirty working in the yard to dressing up and going to the Santa Fe Opera with friends. I love to laugh. I value honesty and integrity. That's the only thing wrong with Maryland. Have travelled many continents for a former career but am now content with less of that. Though who's to say? I have a M. Too much focus on color, of late what you resist persists ; not enough focus on combatting ageism on this coast but Oregon is better and patriarchal thinking in the courts, presidency, more.

I seek a partner who is youthful, healthy, open to discovering ways to enjoy the later years together. My spiritual life is big; I am given to continuous prayer and reflection though I don't feist it on another. I plan to become a beekeeper like my grandmother was. And write and pubish nonfiction, plays, and at least one children's book.

I take good care of my body dry brushing, apple cider vinegar, supplements, intelligent eating; at this time I do eat happy-chicken eggs from farmers I know, and wild-caught salmon from Alaska. Dumbbells on either side of my stove because--why not? While listening to a Tedtalk or informative utube, or to nature. Or to the silence. I'll never forget seeing a trend for twin-set sweaters years ago in the Times which was a gold mine for me as an international designer.

We are NOT the world. Ordinariness takes on sacredness when we spend time alone, doesn't it? I drip my espresso with cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, yes what's needed is a white pepper, right? Just saying, we would likely not be meeting at Starbuck's. Or eating out anyplace that is a national chain. I like to support local talent and entrepreneurs, whenever possible. Because I've always been one. Even the rare occasions I am working or consulting others, I am always self-employed, in my mind.

My cell rests on the kitchen counter and I check it when I walk by. I will never answer a phone call when I am in a conversation, or having a meal together, or. I LOVE documentaries and memoir. A River Ran Through it, Memoir of a Geisha,The English Patient, shorts from all countries that don't always have the American requisite of a happy ending tied up with a bow.

Yes I have written a play and am crafting a screenplay. I love to work out and swim. This is the season--summer--for hiking with my pupster and a neighbor's. I adore the sweetness and intelligence of canines, goats, horses, deer, you name it. But more importantly, what about YOU? Some of the things I love: Just looking for friends who may have similar interests as I do: I live a simple life, focused on raising my children, and being a good person.

I am on a special journey in my life where I love doing yoga and living a spiritual lifestyle. I love to see the good in people and have special positive people around me. Also love meditation, sun gazing, long walks, poetry, reading, studying culture, being in nature, cooking vegan meals and live jazz music plus a whole lot "moor". I look for the Best in others as I give others the Best of me!! I love being me and whatever the world pushes me to continue to become. Oh yeah and I love staying in motion be it on an adventure or creating something to revolutionize our civilization.

I'm also with my 4yr old son most of the time. I have led a very multi-dimensional life on a planet that has lost its way. I am an energy healer, teacher and guide. I run a healing center here in WNY where I teach workshops to awaken and develop people's consciousness. I live with an open heart that shines as much love as I can. I enjoy meditation and yoga. I asked myself if it was odd that I would end up on a dating site, well, sort of and sort of not. I have travelled this country extensively and have had many life defining experiences over the years.

I want to say that I am looking for a life partner, yet that is a bit presumptious at this moment. I'm a vegan for ethical and environmental reasons. All life forms deserve to exist as much as we do. Health benefits of being a vegan a bonus. I try to buy organic and local whenever possible. Silence of the Lambs , the movie, changed my life. When Hannibal Lecter extracts Clarissa's traumatic memory of the lambs being slaughtered, something clicked in my brain.

Promptly read Peter Singer's Animal Liberation soon after and never looked back. Throw me a toasted bagel, Cafe Mosaics pumpkin pie best in the universe , and some black licorice occasionally and I'll be one very happy camper. People who know me appreciate my occasionally goofy sense of humor, although I can be serious as a Bergman film if need be.

Sometimes shy around new people, although I enjoy performing in public music or literary readings. Been told I'm a very good listener. Not much of a party guy. Don't always look or act my age, in a good way. Some of my other interests include reading and film, and I also practice yoga and try to exercise daily, especially my biceps. A respect and appreciation for nature and the other inhabitants of this shared planet is key to my world view. A few favorite films: Noorish, Cafe Mosaics, Padmanadi's. I value service to others over service to self, and enjoy helping people.

I do yoga and meditation daily, enjoy dancing contra dancing, square dancing, and west coast swing ,I enjoy hand drumming, bike riding, swimming, building things, being in nature. I live in a small cabin on 14 acres of land and grow chestnuts, paw-paws, pears, apples, peaches, and cherries, God willing. I have been practicing meditation for 46 years, been a vegetarian for 48 years, and a vegan for 18 years.

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I own a landscaping company and like to grow everything under the sun. I am a Rasta living in babylon and my livity is very important to me. I love yoga , hiking, adventure, chilling, deep intellectual conversations and anything outside. I like to live simply and comfortably so I'm no clean cut polo kinda dude but I can clean up nice. My health and diet are very important to me. I love reggae and lots of different kinds music, music is the language of the soul.

I don't really know what else to put so any question just ask. I became a vegetarian a few month after I left from my parent's home. I started my own life. That was a very simple life change, but it has changed the base of my life. I feel gratitude for all beings, I feel all the animals-humans-plants-beings as one, ,,,etc. So I don't hurt myself through eating animals part of myself In recent years, I study Yogic philosophy and knew about "Ahimsa non violence " tradition. I am a Yogic vegetarian: Also I love traveling. I love exploring the world.

My life-vision is to contribute to our society through the "business" which is based on sharing economy Pay forward and give job opportunities to the people who suffer from "living in this world" by all kinds of reasons. Looking forward to seeing you and sharing our valuable lifetime: I'm open for pen-pal seeker-because we vegetarian are kind of minority: For my life partner: Only and the most important thing for my partner is - Vegetarian based on Ahimsa non violence reason. If you are also interested in creating any social business, wish to contribute to the people who currently under disadvantage, I hope we can do something together!

The greatest gift we-all beings- have already had is the "Life". I cherish this words- Life is a gift, never take it for granted. I enjoy dance, Ballet and Modern, yoga , running, swimming, inline skating, hiking, being with my friends. Health and nutrition are important to me. I like black and white photography plan to own a 's Steinway Concert Grand piano one day. I enjoy reading horror novels and memoirs, kundalini yoga and traveling among other things. I love to engage in thought-provoking conversations and friendly debates. Send me a message if you want to learn more about me.

I have worked hard to achieve success in my professional life and hope to find a partner who has values and ideals similar to mine. I also practice yoga and meditation regularly as it helps me cultivate inner peace and tranquility. I also enjoy swimming on a regular basis. I'm looking for someone with values, that also questions the status quo. I'm fun, adventurous and straightforward. I work as an Financial Analyst consultant through my company. Have also studied film and music. I like the freedom it gives me, but it is very stressful. I do some iridology.

I'm also certified in Ashtanga yoga , but I'm not a pro or anything. I hope to retire early in some tropical climate, growing fruits and vegetables. Would like to do some outdoor activity like sun bathing, swimming, jogging, biking, windsurfing or hiking during the day. I would like to end desk life. I enjoy indie concerts, yoga, some jogging, swing and dj dancing, detoxing and yoga festivals. I am currently doing the yoga days per week. I love cooking, making things from scratch, travelling, learning new languages and new things, long walks, moving my body Acro yoga , dancing, hola hoop I feel inspired by earth activism in fields of human, animal, plants and ecosystems rights.

I am an ambassador for seed freedom. In terms of food, I support local sustainable practices, grow my own, forage in the wild and use a lot of medicinal herbs, sprouts and ferments. I truly believe food is our medicine. I'm into nature and the outdoors. I think about human, animal and nature rights. Food as medicine and nutrition ecology. Water baby, boater, sailor, free diving, scuba. Having grown up in a family of artists and scientists and ministers, I have a deep appreciation for these worlds.

I have many passions and interests: I'm also interested in psychology, myth, symbolism and dreams Jungian. Science and the health care field, both conventional and holistic also very much interest me. I enjoy being creative in the domestic such as cooking, sewing, puppetry, storytelling and creating new things. The elegance of England, the magic of Ireland and the culture of Europe especially draw me. I enjoy the majestic mountains of Vermont and the beautiful sea of the North Shore. I like healthly organic food, and eat mostly vegan with small amounts of fish and chicken.

I enjoy being active in the "great outdoors", taking long nature walks, hiking, CC skiing and swimming, sailing, exploring new places, both the city and country, and am always open to learning new things. Drawn to both the sensual and spiritual sides of life, I'm into Buddhism, mystical, esoteric Christianity, and find deep spirituality in nature and in all living beings. I do Tibetan yoga and meditate each day. II'm also interested in energy healing and am learning about Reiki. Spiritual psychology and the new ideas in this area are my passion.

I'm also very conscious of environmental, humanistic and social concerns. Philosophically, I'm an ecclectic, trying to synthesize the best of all worlds. I'm passionate about my career, working with children and families at a wonderful, innovative school with a unique, holistic approach to education. I am family oriented and am close to my circle of family and friends. I love to laugh and also having deep conversations.

I live in an eco-village and I'm striving for self-sufficiency. I think back when I was much younger, just out of college, and I moved out to the San Francisco area. I was only there for less than a year, but I can remember riding on a cable car, at the summit of Nob Hill, overlooking the city. As the cable car slowly and methodically found its way to the base of the incline we were traveling on, I spied a conductor in a blue cap who looked exactly like Mark Twain.

Suddenly we had reached the bottom of the hill and I could see a throng of people crossing the street. For a short while, only a group of retreads from the 60s, a mass of disheveled hippies, filled my view. But as this unassuming group broke apart, a woman appeared as if she had emerged as a mirage from an oasis. She was holding a mat in her right hand and wearing a maroon skirt. Her blouse was white, heavily decorated with lace and embroidery.

An amusing thought crossed my mind: But why would she be dressed in an outfit more befitting a 19th century matron working at the old Bellevue Hospital? I only saw her for less than half a minute as she turned down a shady street, and disappeared from my view forever. Have you ever consciously imprinted an isolated scene into your mind, which normally would be immediately forgotten, but due to some strange, obstinate whim on one particular day, you committed this fleeting memory to a permanent repository in your mind?

Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training – Level 1

In this program life-long relationships and deep bonds of trust will form that fulfill the longing of the soul for fellowship and spiritual community. View Letters of Recommendation from Past Students. Believing that your learning is enriched and deepened by studying and learning from a variety of experienced trainers, Prana Shanti brings in renowned trainers from around the world.

Our Teaching Team will lead you on your transformational journey of self mastery using the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga. October to May dates are subject to change. For immediate questions please call the Centre at Foundations introduces the student to the principles and practices of the self-sensory human, and explores how Kundalini Yoga and yogic lifestyle can harmonise and uplift the human experience and awaken your true potential. There are six principle components in the Level One program:.

The theory and practice of Kundalini Yoga kriyas yoga sets , asanas, and mudras. Explore the nature of the mind and its training through Kundalini Yoga meditations, mantras and pranayam breathing techniques. The history and tradition of Kundalini Yoga, as well as the underlying philosophy behind all yogic practices.