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23 Good Speed Dating Tips, Conversations and Questions - Ask JT Tran (feat Jessica J)

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JT Tran | ABCs Of Attraction Blog: Dating Advice for Asian Men

You might not believe it… but millions of men feel just like you do right now! What frustrates you about trying to meet women? For example… … DO YOU FEEL so anxious and desperate trying to talk to beautiful women—even when you think they might be into you… that you find yourself saying stupid, uptight things that just drive them away? Often, rejection would take a toll on his psyche, but he pursued the fight.

But the next day I would get up, get back on the horse and keep trying.

For Tran, a large part of the problem lies in race. As an Asian American himself, he relates to other Asian Americans who feel anxious about their attractiveness due to their ethnicity.

You Are NOT Alone!

According to Tran, this inferiority complex that exists within the Asian American community simply does not exist in the white community. He realised that he could not have been alone in his way of thinking and decided that the Asian community needed a coach that specialised in their problems.

The lack of confidence in Asian Americans is also shared by Asians all around the world. Literally there are not enough Chinese women for Chinese men. You see this phenomenon in Korea, Vietnam too. Furthermore, Asian Americans are not deemed sexy by American society, according to Tran. Conversely, Asian women do not suffer from such complexes.

INTERVIEW: ABCs of Attraction founder JT Tran – the world’s #1 Asian dating coach

But if I as an Asian man limit myself to only Asian girls and those numbers are dwindling, I am shooting myself in the foot. As a result, Asian Americans require his services the most. He believes the answer lies in their societal construct. Asian American guys have horror stories about how they were treated with racism. Consequently, teaching immigrants is easier for Tran.

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They then have the skillset to go out and actually meet their future love anywhere at any time. That way they come out of the other side much more confident.

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We are at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to the dating world. He tells us that some students actually cried during this course. Finally, there is the Las Vegas Immersion Program, where students fly out to Vegas and learn 12 weeks of knowledge in one week. The first night, we were just dipping our toes in the water. Now we can hopefully swim! I need to fit myself into this culture from my hairstyle to the way I talk.