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In the early days, he would regularly chat to other users and in a handful of cases met up with digital friends offline. Although he now has more than , connections, interactions with other humans are rare. Most profiles have been abandoned. Users can no longer customise their profiles with cursor animations, script fonts and other basic coding.

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Scalir spends his time trawling through profiles β€” now homogenised into neat, uniform tiles β€” making dozens of friend requests and commenting on or liking photos. The homepage automatically pulls in articles from other websites, giving the ghost town a veneer of vitality.

It's far, far too easy to break into old Myspace accounts

Scalir achieved minor celebrity status in the s and s through several appearances on TV dating shows including Blind Date , Love Connection and Singled Out. Myspace offered an alternative way to meet women.


While he used to interact with friends and the occasional celebrity such as Miley Cyrus on the platform, these days he mostly posts status updates and reads the aggregated news articles on pop culture. Initially she found it useful for promoting her movies. You'll find people looking to publish their poetry online or advertise and accept orders for their latest book through their profile page.

Unsigned bands use the site to get their music out there and build a following. Established artists like Madonna, the Black Eyed Peas, Audioslave and Billy Corgan use the site to communicate with fans and get feedback on tracks.

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It's probably starting to become clear why Rupert Murdoch thinks MySpace is worth more than half a billion dollars. MySpace is a popular-culture magnet.

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  4. It’s far, far too easy to break into old Myspace accounts!

More Networking " " Facebook. Quizzes " " Organ Function Quiz. More Networking " ". Last year, the company confirmed the leakage of million user accounts. Researchers believe this is one of the largest data breaches of all time. We take data security very seriously at Myspace.

Sad But True: People Are Actually Going On MySpace In Search Of #TBT Pics

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