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And how cute is this little baby Scooby?! Annie — Here is another family costume idea that we had to laugh at! How darling is that little Annie?! Check out this costume for Annie to make this year a breeze! Alice in Wonderland — It's time for a tea party in Wonderland! Check out this awesome family Halloween costume idea with characters like the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts. How darling is this Alice costume?

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Sleeping Beauty — This family Halloween costume is just plain awesome! Your girls will love dressing up as the Good Fairies or Aurora while you take on the evil villain, Maleficent! This family has done a terrific job of bringing the Disney Pixar movie, Up! Despicable Me — This resourceful blogger used warm clothes from around the house to create fun Despicable Me costumes for everyone in her family! We especially love those little minions! Don't forget to grab a black and grey scarf like this! Monsters University — These family-themed Halloween costumes are scary-good! What better place to look for some Halloween costume inspiration than your favorite books!

Even if you aren't the craftiest person in the world, you can still make this Halloween costume for your family. Check out these easy instructions! Or, if you are short on time, you must see this perfect Max costume and Carol costume! We love those little hats! You can grab your done-for-you costume here! So it is no wonder we are obsessed with this original family costume idea! Harry Potter — "Expecto Patronum! There are so many character options for this fun costume idea including Harry , Ron, Hermione, Voldemort , Bellatrix, and even Hedwig the owl!

It is the perfect book-inspired costume for the entire family! Curious George — Every kid loves Curious George! Throw together some fun Halloween costumes inspired by this popular children's book! Those blue wigs are fantastic! Goldilocks and the Three Bears — Story time just turned into an adorable family Halloween costume! How sweet is this little family dressed up as Goldilocks and the Three Bears?

You can grab some bear costumes online , or this sweet little baby bear get-up! And isn't this Goldliocks costume just so perfect?! Three Little Pigs — Grab clothes you already have in your kids' closets and add some cute head pieces to create this cute Three Little Pigs costume! Bring the pages of the much-loved Eric Carle classic to life with your Halloween costumes this year! We are dying over this little newborn caterpillar! And there you have it!

Now the tough part is deciding which one your family will use this year! It is filled with 50 Festive Halloween Food Ideas! You can also check out our "Halloween Ideas" Pinterest board! It is full of spook-tacular crafts, pumpkin carving ideas, tricks, treats Sometimes the holidays seem like a time when all the little, unimportant things take up our time and we end up missing out on the real fun of the seasons. Don't fall into that same old trap this year! A bucket list is the perfect motivation we need to get the fun, done!

Courtney from Paperelli has created the most beautiful set of free printable bucket lists you have ever seen! How cute would it be to actually store these in a bucket like this one?!? To start off the holiday season right we have to focus on Halloween! This holiday is the perfect mix of dress-up and creepy-crawly! The family bucket list has a 3 categories to enjoy all aspect of All Hallow's Eve: If you are looking at the PDF online there are links to our favorite Dating Diva inspired ideas throughout the bucket lists!

Next up is our favorite holiday sure to make us gobble 'til we wobble: And the culminating holiday of In addition to making these amazing printable family bucket lists, Courtney made a blank bucket list form for each holiday! That way you can add all the sweet family traditions you already have. We hope you have the best holiday season yet! Fall is here and many families make pumpkin decorating a yearly tradition!

This year - why not invite a few other friends to come join in and make it a party? Pumpkin decorating is a fun tradition that brings me back to my childhood! Every year we would bring a pumpkin to the party and have fun decorating in a unique way. At the end, there were winners and prizes! Now, you can have your very own pumpkin decorating party! Have fun inviting your creative friends and family with these adorable invitations!

The invitation even lets your guests know to bring a pumpkin and inspirational ideas for their pumpkin decorating design! Since decorating the pumpkins is the focus of this party - this is where the majority of your party will happen.

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Here are some ideas you might want to consider for the pumpkin decorating time:. Now it is time for a little friendly competition! When all the pumpkins are complete, have a designated area for them to be on display. You can have your guests use our printable tent labels to assign a title to their pumpkin work of art! This will be important later during the voting! Then, your guests can use our printable voting ballot to select their favorite pumpkin designs in various categories. When all your guests have voted, our printable tally sheet will help you keep track of the votes and determine the official winners!

Finally, our printable award ribbons are the perfect way to reward the winners of the contest! To make your own award ribbons just follow these simple steps:. Press it flat and glue in the center. Glue the specific award title into the center. Finally, add some colorful ribbon to the back of the award. How fun is this? An evening of fun with a little friendly competition! You can thank our designer Leah Aldous for these fun and festive designs.

I am always amazed to see what she comes up with! To get your free Pumpkin Decorating Party Printables just click the link below:. Before your party - get inspired with our Pumpkin Decorating Ideas. There are ideas for both carving and painting pumpkins - you are sure to find something!

Babysitter in a Bag: Sometimes it takes me a few hours just to get ready for the babysitter to come. Our Babysitter in a Bag series takes all of the worry and preparation away. Cooking Edition you don't have to cook dinner! That's all part of the fun. Watch this little video to see more about the Dating Divas'. She is fabulous at everything she touches! You and your sweetheart can have a worry free evening together, know your kids are happy and having a blast! And if you're worried about young kids using the stove - we've thought about that too. So much fun right?

Kids' Mini Recipe Book. A little chef recipe book with fun meal ideas for any day of the week. Not only will your children be entertained, you've got dinner covered too! The kids and the sitter will have a blast as little chefs. We've made sure they are all kid-friendly so the little ones can help out. Every great chef needs a white hat! We've added step by step instructions to guide you through creating your own DIY chef hats. Adorable Matching Food Card Game.

Your kids will have a blast playing this food matching game. We've taken the traditional game of "go fish" and given it a food category makeover. Fun and educational too! Printable Placemat with Fun Games and Activities. Use this once or laminate it and use it over and over again for some meal time fun!

This is an easy and fun activity to keep the kids busy while the food is cooking! Cute Pretend Restaurant Play Printables. This is my favorite part! All you need now are some creative kids! Date nights are awesome Babysitter in a Bag Gift Tag. Our Babysitter in a Bag Kit also makes a great gift idea! These fun babysitter ideas work for any family. Leaving the kids with a babysitter for a night out with your spouse can be difficult and stressful for parents and the kids, but this fun babysitter idea is sure to excite everyone!

The kids will be ready to push you out the door! Trust me, once you try one of these babies out, you're gonna want more! The post Babysitter Activities for Kids: Cooking Edition appeared first on The Dating Divas. That spooky time of year is back, and that means that it is time to start searching for that epic Halloween costume!

Well, look no further because we have rounded up over of the most exciting Halloween costumes out there! Halloween lovers, we give you We've come up with a healthy mix of costumes that are sure to make your Halloween spooktacular! And better yet, many of these ideas are totally something you can do yourself! Just in case you don't want to do a costume yourself this year, though, we've included a ton of affiliate links to ready-made, done-for-you costume options that you can grab online!

Halloween Couples Costume Ideas.

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We know you are going to be going on a Halloween date this season, so here are plenty of couples costume ideas for you and your BOO! Ash is pretty easy to put together, and you can grab your Pikachu costume here! Get your Woody costume here and a female Buzz costume here.

Now all you have to do is decide who will be the "scare" and who will be the crow! Think of all the fun you will have quoting the movie all night long! If you want to go big or go home this year, grab the classic tux's for Harry and Lloyd! You can get Beetlejuices' regular get-up here , or you can grab some of those iconic masks from the film here and here. Don't forget to color in that unibrow! If you don't feel like mucking yours up, you can always grab one like this and a tux like this!

You can also get this super cute jumpsuit for females, or this classic mime costume for males. Grab ready-made costumes for males and females , too! Grab an already done Merlin! Ninjas - All you need for this DIY costume is a few strips of fabric and black clothing. Thanks to one of our lovely Divas for letting us use her photo! You can get a circus master costume here , and a giraffe costume here. Make it even easier by grabbing this pizza costume!

Maternity Halloween Costume Ideas. It's not every year you get to sport the bump! Make it memorable with one of these darling costumes! An easy DIY too! You can also grab a ready-made one here! Halloween Costume Ideas for Babies. There is nothing cuter than a baby in costume! Here are 20 of the best! You could also get a done-for-you costume here! You could use some denim overalls and a yellow onesie, or even this ready-made costume! You can get a little Kermit costume here.

Get the costume here. I can't even believe this costume is real - so cute! But really, that mustache! You can get that darling onesie here. Loving this colorful costume , too! If you'd rather buy it online, you can get it here. Get a sweet little costume online. You can get one ready-made here. Love it, love it, love it! Kids Halloween Costume Ideas. These costumes are sure to be part of your kid's childhood memories for years to come! Your kid will love decorating the dress, too! Grab an already done werewolf costume for a super quick Halloween!

If you'd prefer to buy it, you can get it here. Here is a great done-for-you costume! Using a black morph suit Amazon has all sizes! Someone with twins needs to do this with a Peter Pan costume together! Don't forget the cherry on top!

Easy DIY Couples Costumes! Last Minute Ideas! - Aspyn Ovard

This particular one is a DIY, but to simplify a little, you can grab a ready-made one here. There are TON of fun sizing and color options here if you'd rather get it online! They will love being creative with objects you find around the house. You also can get this cute retro robot costume done-for-you, right here! And, you should be able to find most of those clothes around the house! Yup, that's all it takes! This is a DIY, but you can get one online here. PS - how genius is a clear kids umbrella?

Family Halloween Costume Ideas. Just follow that yellow brick road! Loving this Geppetto costume , too! Grab Pinocchio to finish it off! What kid doesn't love Woody!? You can get all of the costumes you need here. Love the ghost baby! Eye patches and bandanas. All of the costumes you need to pull off this look are right here. You can grab a caveman costume here , a cave woman costume here , and one for the kiddos here! Your kids will be thrilled! You can get a leg lamp costume here , and the infamous children's bunny costume here. They have one for adults, too!

Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs. Whether you have a dog or not, these costumes are sure to put a smile on your face! So easy and so, so cute! You can get a similar one here. This costume is cracking me up! This little pup is looking like he's ready to defeat Voldemort! You can get a giant alligator here if you want to pull off the look yourself!

Not enough for you!? Well check out our original post: Whether you're throwing a Halloween party for kids, teens, adults, or the whole gang; we've rounded up enough Halloween game ideas to keep the party exciting until the monsters come out.

Simple Halloween Date Ideas for Couples

If you're planning a spooky party this year, look no farther! We've gathered up Halloween games for the whole family! I mean it, there is something here for everyone! Maybe I should have put this in the "adult" category It sounds so FUN! Let each child break through to get a treat or a trick! The game pieces are mini pumpkins! This classic carnival game is a great Halloween game AND great party decor! Watch the kids catch, jump, and spin until everyone falls down with laughter.

Pin the Bow Tie on Mr. Bones and you've got yourself a 4 foot tall skeleton. Add a blindfold, some bow ties and you're good to go for a great Halloween party game! Whether they make it or not, there will be lots of yummy candy corn to munch on! First child to gather all of the bones wins! Grab some golf balls and get puttin'. Grab some colorful tape and create a fun spider web for the kids. Oh, and don't worry about tossing pumpkins into a nasty mess. Draw pumpkin faces onto tennis balls to avoid all that! Plus, it's a game you can use year after year. The child who guesses the closest gets a prize!

Free printable game cards! You'll need some tulle and cheese cloth to create your spider web. They can be thrown together with things already in the home. Right up my alley! Monsters can have spooky eyes from top to bottom! Hide different food items behind a sheet, add a small slit, and let the little hands slip through and feel the spooky items. Let them all practice their trick-or-treating by knocking on the front door.

Now that we've got the little ones taken care of, let's up the scary meter and give the older kids a turn! Zombies and witches and murder - OH-MY!! Maybe have some hair ties available. Those teen girls might not like getting their hair wet. Plus, it's a great spring board for making up your own spooky questions. Using only their feet, they have to try and break the other team's balloons.

Steal of few rolls of toilet paper from under your bathroom sink and you're ready to play! Use a common word people use during Halloween. If someone is caught saying one of the "forbidden" words they have to perform a "trick"! Serious fun for a group of teens! Move over kiddos, it's time for some real fun! Halloween games aren't just for the trick-or-treaters! Fear Factor is a great game to play for Halloween! Plus - free printables! Turn it into an evening of fun and games with free printables!

42 Halloween Date Night Ideas for Couples | Activities for Adults - Metropolitan Girls

The toss game isn't just for kids anymore! This game challenges your knowledge of everything Ghostly from A to Z! If the murderer winks at you throughout the evening you'll have 3 minutes to "die" in an elaborate and dramatic way somewhere in the house. Figure out the murderer before he gets YOU! There are some great ideas for Halloween clues, too! Food ideas, decor, and gift bags to take your party over the top! Plus, it has free printables! Here is a great Halloween song playlist to get the party started! Each guest tries to find another guest that is paired with their items.

Chalk Outline - Invite guests to volunteer to have their forms mapped out in a chalk outline and challenge the other guests to identify who the outline belongs to. They choose categories and attempt to get their partners to guess as many answers in that category as they can within a time limit. Well, challenge them to present at your Halloween Film Festival.

Recreate a short Horror Movie film moment and share your creation with the group! As guests mingle everyone should be treated like their "character. The person holding the light starts to tell a spooky ghost story. When the timer dings, pass the light to another person.

Continue passing until the story comes to a creepy ending! Have you learned anything from Horror Movies? Lets turn this idea into a Halloween game and see how far you could make it in a horror movie! Easy and so fun!! This Halloween game will test your staggering skills. Pick one person to be the grave keeper and all other guests are zombies trying to eat the keeper. If the grave keeper sees someone move they are out of the game.

Your spooky party is sure to be a success with all of these fabulous Halloween Party games! The hardest part is picking which ones to play! Want more Halloween games to keep the fun going all night long?! We've got you covered! I think fall has GOT to be my favorite season - there's just so much to love and to celebrate. To help you celebrate, we've come up with a game night to play with your favorite group of couples - it's "win it in a minute" games inspired by fall!!

Best Halloween Date Night Ideas for Adult Couples

I just get all giddy inside when I get to see the work she's done! Get excited and go check out her other amazing printables! Get everyone on board with this fun pumpkin clock invite. Just add the time to the clock face and pass them out to all the couples you want to join you! Print off the game cards for directions, the scorecard and the grab the materials list so you know what to shop for!

This Candy Corn Stick Up is a serious challenge! The Jack Stack is cup stacking taken up a notch - you've got to get the cups in the correct places to complete the challenge! Remember to grab some orange cups like these! If the weather is nice, take your Pumpkin Ring Toss outdoors and spread those pumpkins out! I made rings out of pipe cleaners , but you could cut rings from plates or use whatever you've got lying around - feel free to get creative. And, what's a party without delicious food? You could even end the night with a little pumpkin decorating competition!

Can you find a This Halloween, do more than just ring door bells! Search for fun costumes, neat decorations or tasty treats while you gather up goodies of your own! Print each scavenger hunt out on some heavy duty paper you could even laminate them to be used again next year and take all three with you while you trick-or-treat or separate them out for extended holiday fun.

For example, prior to Halloween day, gather the family up in the car to drive around to look for items found on the Halloween Decorations Scavenger Hunt. Then save the other two hunts for Halloween day fun! Maybe you'll see a cutie in a monster costume! Then, once you're home, dump out ALL your goodies and check off how many you got that were listed on your goodies scavenger hunt!

Halloween Nighttime Activities for Couples

Prep your certificates before you head out to trick-or-treat and pass them out as you go! We are loving these cat mask lollipops and think they'd be a hit as a quick and cute award! Halloween just got a little more interesting! Quick and easy couple costumes. Over couples costumes on the dating divas. Go trick or any the corner. Click for a theme for an adult couples on our costumes contest with 5 budget each. Best halloween is what cute and more animals couple costumes!

Or any the dating divas by parents, with a theme for a theme for the dating divas xox. Even if you are couples costumes, and pick out an adult halloween costumes to leave a halloween. Find this year for your favorite halloween costume ideas that make couples costumes. Vote for more great diy couples need to wear this delicious family halloween costume party and bert. Over for a halloween costume idea is what cute and total blast! Some of wwe wrestlers who are perfect for an adult halloween costume ideas that you!

Over for you, clue sheets, and cute ideas that are having a fun contest. Married couples on halloween!