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It's the Bronco isn't it? Ooops, I hope I didn't let the cat out of the bag. It is very difficult to put a cat in a bag in the first place. I only got it a short time ago and i think i like the way it shoots now, but i adjusted my cheek rest and i like the feel of the gun a lot better now. Okay, I'll have a look at the theory of stock grips and share what I've learned. I happen to now be reading David Tubb's thoughts on the pistol grip of his T2K rifle. Also, incidentally, I've also been reading the instructions from Middlton Tompkins husband of Nancy and a world class shooter in his own right on reloading.

He has 12 steps for resizing, neck trimming, case turning, deburring, flash hole, priming… Anyone who does this has my respect. Kevin and all,I lean a different way when it comes to gun screwdrivers. I was given a Chapman set a few years back…I learned more about screwdrivers than you could imagine from the pamplet that came with that set! After seeing the engineering and thought that went into their tools,I won't soon look elsewhere…..

Since we spend every waking hour worrying over accuracy,quality and general excellence in our airguns,don't they deserve precision reassembly?? Are you going to top off this series with Daisys curant model? When IS the shot show? No, I plan to finish this with the Daisy move from Blued guns to painted and plastic. The current model is made in China, so in my mind it isn't real. Yes we're in agreement about Chapman screw drivers. I've had a set for years and use no others on any of my guns. I've looked at the Fat Torque Wrench, but that's as far as I've gone with it.

Frank B makes a very good point about torquing being a good thing. Is anyone using the FTW or any other that they want to recommend to us? I use them like a cleaning pellet. Hoppes 9, and something that sprays like you suggest, I used brake cleaner, green can, not the stuff with trike, or whatever , yes it was my range kit wich is what I use at home also.

I had a container of white lithium? Could use a good recommendation on a spray lube as well. I always sprayed parts after blasting with cleaner, then wiped 'em down prior to reassembly. Also brass and metal gunsmith punch sets, and a small nylon hammer to go with them. There is a 1" Starret micrometer in my kit. That really comes in useful more than one would believe. Another lube product I would recomend having is a small jar of JM's moly paste. Also, some swabs, Q-tips, old tooth brush, and pipe cleaners to apply it and clean up stuff. Robert,you raise a good point about a micrometer being handy…Starret,made in Athol,Mass.

I refuse to pass up a micrometer or dial caliper at the flea mkt. A small led light is indespensible as well. Any information on it's specs and availability would be greatly appreciated. I finally got some time to test out my with basics, as I've been playing with my new airsoft guns. However, neither dented the next side of the can.

Daisy BB Gun!

I feel that after a longer break-in period, it should probably get better. If anyone has some more tips, please tell me them. MrB, great idea on the bore snake. I never used one and I think I'l give it a go. Robert, hmm… micrometer, huh? For a hammer I always used the wooden handle of large screwdriver keeps me from beating too hard on things during one of those impatient spells! There are any number of barrel-makers in the U. Shaw is very affordable. They may be able to make what you need. The length may be a problem. Also the dozen or so other new guns they are bringing out.

A Daisey Model 25 was my first real gun also.

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That was in What are the identifiers for that particular model. I sure would like to find one. It would get the number one spot on my gun rack. When you dry fire a breakbarrel springer does it crack like a rimfire rifle and make lots of smoke? They had been paining the metal for several years, instead of bluing it, and experimenting with plastic stocks and pump handles. A gun should be painted, have all plastic, a rear flip sight that has both a notch and a peep, and engraving on the receiver. In later years the engraving was discontinued and the receive was painted to look as if it were engraved.

There was gold paint inside the engraved lines to make them stand out, because the electrostatic pain Daisy used was so good at covering blemishes. I have a brand-new number 25 like I've described and I will take some detail shots so you can see what I'm talking about. My gun is so new that none of the paint has been scratched on the pump linkage, which is where it shows first. That sometimes happens and other times not. Eventually, though, the piston seal gets destroyed and the gun no longer has good compression.

I was shooting yesterday and I herd my rifle crack like a. I thought back and I don't remember placing a pellet in the barrel but I don't remember not outing pellet in the bore either, could this be a detonation? That's what it was. Just keep shooting the gun and watch for signs of damage. Mr B,couldn't be happier to be in such good company. I'm certain you could do better! These guys make nice barrels. Don't know about the length you want though Why do you want one that long?

It wouldn't hurt to call and ask them though. This is slightly off topic, but many of you know thanks to this blog that the BB gun Ralphie described in A Christmas Story, according to the specs at least, is a Buck Jones model, not a Red Ryder. If you want to see the original Buck Jones that set Ralphies heart aflame go here:. I've been traveling and have not had much net connectivity, so this is late.

If I remember a few days back one member announced the removal of a cataract and the insertion of an implant. Welcome to the semi-bionic club! Try to find some place where there's an ultraviolet 'black' light source before your other eye gets done. You may be surprised to find that the eye with the implant is now quite sensitive to UV; you'll be seeing in a part of the spectrum you never could before. For more on the subject: I bought 4 diff. Right now I have a leapers one piece on it. I centered the crosshairs in the scope based on your instructions first. I then turned the mount degrees on the rails with same result.

I have another one piece mount and 2 sets of 2 piece mounts to try also. One of the 2 piece sets is the Air force one with 2 rail screws and 4 clamp screws per mount. So fairly heavy duty for 2 piece. I like the way the air force mounts clamp down because they may allow me to shim for windage. Plus I can play around with reversing the mounts etc to see if it helps. The package says they are for PCP and spring guns. Is it pointless for me to try the 2 piece mounts on this gun?

My gun came with a screw hole for the stop pin. Am I better off to use this or just but the mount against the plastic cap at the rear? I find two-piece mounts much more flexible than one-piece in your situation. And, since one-piece mounts are no stronger than two-piece, I would use them. By all means use the hole for the scope stop. The plastic cap will break from constant recoil stress. Ralphie's BB gun isn't a Buck Jones, either.

It's a combination of the Buck Jones compass and sundial, and the Red Ryder lever-action gun. The Buck Jones was a trombone pump action gun. The following came in through the Blogger acctount. I don't answer questions thyere, so I'm re-postiung it here:.

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My name is Orlando Pedrosa. I am an airgun enthusiats from Puerto Rico. I read with interest your blogs whenever I can, and appreciate your kindness in sharing your whealth of information and opinions with us. I took the liberty of writing because I read a blog in which Rick Klages wrote about the procedure for straightening an airgun barrel. I have a Beeman C1 that shoot 5" higher at 10 yards than the highest setting on my scope or open sights. This happened after the barrel sliped while trying to cock it.

I guess it is bent. The problem I have is that I can't understand how to bend it back, because when I place the action on the table and press the barrel down it bend at the pivot point. I can't figure out where to press down in order to keep the barrel from breaking open.

I tried turning the action upside down and cocking the rifle and pressing the barrel down while cocked, but I manage to bend the bar that connects the barrel to the spring. You have to bend the barrel without allowing it to move. A straight table will work. Most people remove the barrel from the gun, but it isn't necessary. You just have to find a way to put pressure on the barrel at the bend without allowing it to move elsewhere. Between two pipes on a table, perhaps? Orlando,I don't know you personally,so don't take this that way. You found out already that things can get worse.

WRT the Christmas story and Jean Shepherd's memories of childhood it was autobiographical , I'm sure Shep did a bit of research or had help in order to flesh out the details and things got a bit mixed up. Anyone who would like to hear what Shep was like on his radio program, here's a link:. Total neophyte when it comes to guns. Raised right outside NYC so our idea of wildlife was the occasional pigeon.

Wouldn't kill them but would give them the message they are not wanted. So, my questions are:. You have more experience with wildlife so what do you think about this idea? Do I use a 22 Cal.? Want to make sure I can take multiple shots in case he gets mad more than hurt or if there are multiple coyote at the time. Is there a better "power plant" than others i. Sorry if these questions are very basic but I have no idea what I am doing when it comes to this. Can't use a "powder type" rifle if that is how they call it because neighbors are too close property size about an acre. Would appreciate any help or advice you can provide.

I was hoping you could help me or point me in the right direction. While my hand was on the mend I adjusted all the play out of the 1st stage of my trigger on my so I could shoot it easier. Now that things are getting back to normal I followed the directions and no matter which way I turn the adjustment screw I cannot find the let off point-in essence the rifle has a hair trigger and will not go back.

I asked Umarex for help and got the standared reply-mail it back to us. I do not want to go thru the expense of mailing out and back and who only know's what other charges might incur.

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Can you help me out with this? In this case, the action was taken out of the barrel — usually a very simple procedure involving three screws. By the way, many questions can be answered using the search feature located to the right of the blog. Let us know how this works for you.

You either need to put them down humanely,or find a way that doesn't involve wounding them. It's really that simple. An absessed wound from a low powered pellet gun may leave you with an animal that has to come closer…not a good thing. The pellet can penetrate the animal and cause infection, producing a painful, lingering death. There was a comment on here about a year ago concerning someone who shot at a deer to scare it off from their garden, only to watch it limp off, collapse and eventually die about an hour later.

I personally think a coyote is too big an animal for a breakbarrel rifle. Typically, we use these on birds, squirrels, rabbits, woodchucks and other samll to moderate size vermin. However, let others who hunt regularly give you the benefit of their experience. Here is a link of all. I'd advise staying with a break barrel. They develop more power than CO2.

Also, do not be misled by the velocity the manufacturers all scream about their rifles are capable of. They are achieved with ultra light pellets that you don't want to use on hunting. The other thing, is you want to keep the velocity around fps to achieve best accuracy.

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Speaking of accuracy, due to the triple recoil a spring piston rifle delivers, shooting a number of times to get used to the recoil and practicing the "artillery hold" is paramount to achieve accuracy. Welcome to the great world of airguns. We hope to see you on this blog and as BB says, "there are no stupid quesstions". Take a closer look at the rifle. Mine identifies the trigger with writing on the top of the barrel.

Get back to us and let us know what trigger you have. Fred—Scott—thanks for your offer. Mine is a T Ifanyone can help my e-mail is sherlihy hotmail. So Fred,how are you coming along with the 10M pistol shooting? I hope you at least have begun to get used to the open sights. I was never able to do much with that big red dot. Have you found a favorite pellet? I have been lured in to shooting the IZH I removed the red dot and flipped the rear iron sight so I had a bigger slot to work with.

Dating a Model 25

Right now, I can get three out of 5 pellets in the black — maybe the 8 or 9 ring. The other two go into the white — sometimes on the bull, at least one in the sheetrock. Fortunately, I keep spackling compound nearby: I need to do exercise to build up my right arm muscles so I can have better control.

I did have to re-adjust the base of the handle so the gun would more naturally be level when I aimed. It is a lovely piece. Scott, if you email me I think I can help you out. That way I'd be able to send pictures and such.

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You have made me feel much better! It's good to know that I'm not the only one that keeps spackling compound in their range bag. Oh, it came with a C02 cylinder and a few bbs. I personally could find no balance or advantage with that red dot sight…A high bullseye to sheetrock ratio is a very good thing!! Here's what I find or would recommend in any event — screw the adjustment located infront of the trigger, right?

Hope this helps,I love the Model 25's,,heck I own 10 of them,but thats another story How many rings are on the pump handle? Being that year, the gun would have a plastic stock and pump handle. It could be a "married gun". Post pix if you can. That would help a lot. Just my thoughts, hope this helps. You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

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