Dating a bong girl

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She carries it so easily and she looks drop dead gorgeous in it. The Bengali style sari was practically invented to entice men. Once you got with her to Durga Puja, you gonna experience a whole new level of enjoyment and traditions.

Awesome Reasons Why Every Man Should Date A Bengali Girl! - The Social Monk

Durga Puja will never be the same when she is with you. She can talk about anything and everything. There never will be a dull moment in your relationship.

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You will enjoy her company. Have you thought of talking to her dad?

8. Ah, those eyes!

You just need to handle her tigress mom though. Every girl loves to be pampered. She has a talk and stands on everything. Her talks, thoughts, and opinions are gonna spice up your relationship.

8 Reasons Why You should Date A Bengali Girl

And if you get hitched by a Bong girl, you will have rituals and grandeur of a Bengali wedding. One to remember forever.

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  • You need to learn to sing or play an instrument if you're in it for the long haul.;
  • 2. Going wrong with grammar.

Soon after reading the title, I could say nothing but conclude it mentioning, No rape is not just for girls. Even boys are not Andre Russel has always been famous in the cricketing world for his big hits, aggressive bowling style and his unique hairstyle entertaining his fans Our Bollywood divas shine brightly on the bigger screen but when it comes to their personal life then they are no less than us Sonam Kapoor has been everywhere in news these days.

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A 90s song 'Naa Kajare Ki Dhar' is remembered by all of us, What conceptions of relationships do you have? How screwed exactly are you that you give emphasis to racist attributes such as Punjabi oomph, Tamilian sensuality or Bong brains?

Are women merely trophies who need to fit into generalizations and typecasts to be showed off, by you? To those Bengali women who enjoy being called Bong: Updated on 20 May, at 3: Bong girl date Marry. Latest Stories For You. Surabhi Verma 15 Jan, Dhruv Badola 15 Jan, Aseem Gaurav Sharma 15 Jan, Popular on the Web.