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Tinder is all about connecting you with new people. And we find that valuable, especially because we're constantly running around and don't have time to slow down and meet people. What made Tinder possible is the move from computers to smartphones as the main method of complex communication. But what makes it so successful is that it gives Tinderers a short, sharp "hit" of excitement as they get matched with people they fancy.

Tom, a year-old television producer, recalls how he started using it: You say, 'I quite like her' and oh! You've got a match.

That's great — a nice little confidence-booster. I think it's a horrible thing going 'no, no, yes' but it is horrendously addictive. And it's in your pocket at all times. Comparisons to addictive experiences such as gambling or drugs are not a complete exaggeration: There is an argument that Tinder empowers women by dispelling the myth that few of them are primarily motivated by looks.


This … is disproved by Tinder. Women's behaviour on Tinder is, in fact, much the same as men's: The fact that you are told of mutual Facebook friends also adds a layer of social recommendation that makes women less apprehensive about meeting a stranger. Tinder's vice-president, Whitney Wolfe, says: On Tinder, no one can approach you unless you give them the green light to do so.

It's time to try it myself. I sign up and 90 seconds later I'm chatting to Anne. She seems nice but there's no spark. Two minutes later I'm on to Cecilia, a Swedish graphic designer in London. She's also a laugh so our first date is set for 48 hours after we see each other's photo. This is real speed-dating.

Yes, flicking all these photographs of real people to the left feels throwaway. The women who came and went after a five minute chat on the instant messaging service or by phone passed into my vision then out again and I didn't think of them again.

Top 10 Best Social Networking Dating Apps for Android: These Apps Make it Easy to Hookup

But really if you meet some friends in a bar, and there are some members of the opposite or same sex, you will spend a few minutes talking to them and nine times out of 10 you will say goodbye and never again wonder how they are. Dr Bernie Hogan of Oxford University has studied dating sites. He sees Tinder as the natural progression for dating in a commercial world.

He is curious about what will come next. He suspects that we will soon be asking for feedback from other "users" before going on a date. If Tinder is the future, not everyone is happy about that. Doug Haines, co-founder of the London School of Attraction , which trains men and women in how to meet people, isn't keen.

Welcome to MeetQute, London's NEW dating app!

But the problem with anything that comes easy is that people don't value it so much. He believes it is all about turning romance into a business. And the social cost is not built into the equation. See who checked you out, get status updates from nearby users, and browse through thousands of singles. You can download Tagged from the Google Play Store here.

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Zoosk is a dating app developed by Zoosk, Inc. Swipe gestures lets you see other Zoosk members who are in your area. Message other Zoosk users by winking at them and before you know you will be making plans. No problem, click on ZSMS and and you get matched up with users who want the same thing as you. You can download Zoosk from the Google Play Store here.

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Lovoo is a social networking dating app developed by Lovoo Gmbh. You can download Lovoo from the Google Play Store. Browse profiles of members who are looking to get something started, whether its hooking up or finding a serious relationship.

Send and receive messages from local singles in your area, and meet with people nearby. If someone you like happens to like you back, you will be able to chat directly within the app. You can download Tinder from the Google Play Store here. Users can see and hear firsthand if someone is a potential match or a connection.

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At First Sight offers video, chat and social features so members can learn more about potential matches. Users can create short introduction videos on their smartphones, scroll through members, and look at video profiles to see who you want to meet and chat with. You can download Mamba from the Google Play Store here. Updated Feb 9, at 3: