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My favorite thing to do is hold hands and walk around with my partner while we chat about anything and everything on a warm summer night. What I seek is not purely sexual. Love is hard to find and the few times I've come across it, the source was.

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I'd consider to be , so I'm giving it a shot here. Lots of men are kinky and dominant in the bedroom, but they cannot dominate outside of that. I want a man who will order my food for me, make me wait in the car until he gets out and opens the car door, pick out my panties each morning when we finally live together, and punish me when I step out of line and mouth off too much. I want a man I can "Daddy" in private and my boyfriend when we're in the vanilla world.

I want a man who will let me explore the darker corners of my sexual self, who will tear me apart Rip me apart with lust, and glue me together with love. I can and will not "settle" for someone who isn't on the same wave length as me. If we aren't compatible mentally, emotionally, and sexually, it won't work out. My heart for a man I can when he comes home from work, with a big kiss and a drink to sip on while he vents about this and that.

My heart for a man that can command me with just the look in his eyes, that can make me weak in the knees with his kiss and his hand tugging on my hair.

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A man that is more intelligent than me I honestly feel no shame in admitting my partner is smarter than me and uses that intelligence to push my boundaries, to take me to my very limits. So many men claim they can deliver this, but they just haven't been for me. They haven't given me the feeling that I know will show me I've found a man that's right for me.

You know what that feeling is?

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The urge to sit at your feet. We will be equals, but I will kneel before you because I you that much. I will be yours, and you will be mine. We'll confide in each other and wipe away our tears. We'll argue about stupid stuff but crawl back to each other at the end of the day, because our is stronger than that. Of course there's lots more to say, but I'll leave it at this.

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Sir William Matthew Flinders Petrie. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: In Flinders later Sir Flinders Petrie began more than 40 years of methodical excavation, which created an archaeological framework for all the chief periods of Egyptian culture except for remote prehistory. Petrie was the initiator of much in archaeological method, but he was later surpassed by….

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These remains, left exposed, soon disappeared under the depredations of the nearby villagers. A University of Pennsylvania expedition worked at the site in , finding foundations….

In Flinders Petrie brought to Egypt his technique of controlled, scientifically recorded excavation, which revolutionized archaeology; he pushed back the origins of Egyptian culture to bce. The Mediterranean and the Middle East In archaeology: The recovery and study of ancient Egypt View More. Help us improve this article!

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