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Dozens of white concrete triangles - beach tank traps left over from World War II - fill up the heritage park at the Breakwater Battery Museum to create a striking sculpture by the sea. In the past few years, Wollongong's hospitality industry has thrived, creating a close-knit scene of chefs and restaurateurs. With places like Babyface Kitchen, Rookie, Lorenzo's, Bull and Bear, Caveau and Sandygoodwich yes really, try eating there at night for a menu that goes well beyond sandwiches the city has quality dining to rival any other - and the diverse population of migrants from all over means we've got the best local Italian, Thai, Vietnamese, Turkish, Lebanese, Moroccan, Balinese, Spanish and the list goes on.

Opposite the old Helensburgh railway station entrance, just up from the modern-day station, lies Tunnel Road and a journey into the mysterious world of glow-worms. From the original restored railway platform, visitors can enter an old rail tunnel which is now the home of an incredible glow-worm colony. Best seen at night, take a torch and a pair of gumboots with you. Once inside, turn off the light, stand still and behold the bioluminescence. The site is maintained by volunteers, so remember to take your rubbish with you.

This fascinating two-and-a-half hour tour takes visitors deep inside the Port Kembla Steelworks. Your tour coach will feel positively pint-sized next to the giants of steel - massive buildings, raw materials stockpiles, blast furnaces and heavy machinery. Bushrangers Bay, a secluded marine reserve at the end of Bass Point Tourist Road in Shellharbour, is one of the hidden gems of the Illawarra and a snorkeller's paradise. Take a right turn at the end of Pass Point Tourist Road, follow the signage down the track and take the stairs down to a small rocky bay sheltered by impressive 6m-high cliffs.

More than 20 small venues have opened in Wollongong city centre and inner suburbs in the past few years, meaning you can happily bar hop at venues that rival those of any capital city. Our top pick is the Throsby in Kembla Street Wollongong. Built by volunteers in , this nothern Illawarra jewel has been the swimming spot of choice for many for almost a century.

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The view up the escarpment is dramatically beautiful enough to rival anything in the world. Click the photo to take a tour of all of our ocean pools, from Coalcliff to Kiama.


When the mercury climbs, you can count on the masses flocking to Wollongong's city beaches. But further south, at magnificent Port Kembla Beach, a kid-friendly ocean pool overlooks miles of sandy shoreline and sparkling waters.

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The only thing missing, thankfully, is the crowds. Also take a walk along nearby Fishermans Beach unpatrolled. The Port Kembla tunnels are technically closed to the public but there's plenty of evidence that people are still able to get inside. Wollongong council has been considering a makeover for all of Hill 60, with ideas put forward to turn the tunnels into a restaurant or even an underground cinema.

While all the tourists crowd around the Kiama blowhole, locals head to Tingira Crescent three kilometres south of the township. They know the Little Blowhole can often be better value than the big guy. The Scarborough-Wombarra bowling club is easy to drive past but a wonderful place - great Thai and bistro food, barefoot bowls, room for the kids to run around, and a magnificent view of the sea.

32 hidden Wollongong spots the locals love

After decades of being left to fester, the work that's been put in by the now disbanded Lake Illawarra Authority has turned the lake into a clean and glistening fishing spot. The Garrawarra cemetery was left off public records for more than 60 years and only rediscovered in It remains technically inaccessible by the public and is almost completely overgrown but there are a few who know just how to find it in the bush. The ravages of time have destroyed almost all the plus graves of tuberculosis victims but the ones that are left are haunting in their beauty.

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  6. Our dazzling beaches are a major tourism drawcard, but word has yet to spread that dog owners have the run of nearly 30 off-leash beaches and parks in the Illawarra, including the scenic yet under-rated Coniston Beach. A relaxing Saturday can be spent taking in a club cricket match on Keira Mine Road at Mount Keira - an old but nice suburban ground which has been spruced up in recent years, with a traditional white picket fence and escarpment views. Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. May 1, 1. DarkChronic , May 1, May 1, 2.

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