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On the other hand, a man that is composed and laidback in his approach is much more likely to succeed. Women find confident men alluring; and that goes without saying. While this mistake may not apply to all, many guys repeat this error time and time again, often without knowing about it. Seeking her validation or approval is akin to showing her a hint of desperation.

Many guys try to brag about their job, social status, physique, athletic ability, or any sort of skill or position worthy of merit, in hopes of capturing her attention. While you should certainly play to your advantages, you want to be subtle about your strengths. A well-taken picture of you in a fitted shirt on your profile to highlight your physique works infinitely better than telling her about your strenuous workout at the gym that day. It would be wise to avoid having expectations when asking women for their phone number. This sort of attitude will give you abundance, which will help you tremendously in the long run.

We can make plans to meet each other soon. Hint at a first date or future plans too soon and you might be on a set path to failure. While this goes without saying for many guys, it bears mentioning because it still remains a frequent mistake. As a rule of thumb, only talk about yourself when answering her questions. The 10 common mistakes made while asking a girl for her number are: Kayla Broek is a regular contributing author for BeyondAges.

Helping men and women find and sustain successful relationships is her passion. She is particularly interested in helping young men avoid the pitfalls of dating older women. Your post is very useful, you have gave out some rules that the guy should not make when he wants to get the phone number of the girl he likes. I would also like to give an important advice to the boys, focus on the your story and your conversation with a girl, you always have to communicate with funny, mysterious with that girl. Her phone number is the last of part.

Again your second paragraph is moot. This is not just about phones. Be a man, and let the women be women and quit being lazy. Dude, the article is about phones! I already said that leadership and taking initiative is important for men. I agree that many men today are not willing or able to lead women. Or you can be an indecisive, needy dude who gets tons of numbers. I think most women would prefer the former. Thank you so much for the most intelligent relevant and contemporary take on the question of the initial dating ritual which includes exchanging of information for next steps.

Recently, I have come back in to the dating scene after 20 years of marriage. Recently, and why I googled this as it was completely new and odd and warranted a search much akin to putting in an address to see where you are going and how long the trip is going to take if it were only that easy …a 20s something at the end of a lot of spontaneous fun and antics with a group of my friends at a bar, resulted in him giving me a hug good bye and then letting me know he wanted to give me his number.

Yet, he hung in there and moved forward to tap me on the shoulder and give me his number. I felt with our age difference and my tough social group protecting me to some degree, this gentlemen swung for the fences with the simple gesture of giving me his number and putting it in my hands. Thank you for your intellect! This is the 21st century, Equal rights for all is the modern way — except in dating where women expect men to do all the hard work and effort just so they can sit on their asses and expect to be chased and worshipped… Putting down men who offer you their number and claiming that doing so reduces the value of a man is discriminatory and wrong.

Ladies, stop waiting by your phone. If YOU feel like you would like that as well, you contact me. How many times does it not end well though and how many of these girls are still single!? Quite the opposite in fact. If you are interested, even slightly, go after him!!!! Oh how you miss the point. Women sitting on their butts…really; and you have a woman talking like that??? I am just appalled that men refuse to be men.

There is nothing discriminatory about a woman being a woman and a man being a man. Why is it that men want to abandon their role in society. It make no sense, except they are lazy and lack self esteem. Women and men were created differently; men are by nature the aggressors- the hunters and gatherers.

That is supposed to help to validate a man- being able to flex their proverbial muscles. Men have no idea how they sell themselves short by altering their roles. To really make a woman want you — really want you, you have to do things a certain way. I am always so deeply disappointed when a guy proffers his number. Just happened to me twice this week- and I was surprised to find that other women were having the same problem. What happened is that my interest just waned.

I want an assertive man, and them doing that just says to me that they are taking a huge chance — hoping that I will call. Well right now is tomorrow, and here I am- not calling…Sadly not because I am punishing him, but rather I have just lost interest, and have no interest in calling this grown man when I am not even dying to talk to him. It was his job to make me want to talk to him. I hope that lesson is well learned. The writer made such a valid point, in that it changes the dynamics and shifts the role. Sure you might say that is why we are still single, but I can assure you that the women who are not taking the numbers would rather be single than subject themselves to a sissy too cowardly to do what is within a their nature to do.

Such a huge turn-off Lazy lazy lazy men and the women who allow it-tut tut tut. I totally agree with your point of view! They should take initiative. So there are plenty of women out there that try , and the guy is not responsive. So now we have the right to be chased because the other way around got us no where. The guy should call the girl — always. Will that be the given, canned response. I disagree completely in your approach. For those reasons, not too many women are going to go for this approach.

Oh, how wonderfully convenient! Women want to b chased so thay THEY can feel the upper hand. You MUST be joking! If she approaches me ,than I know that she is interested.. I find it very interesting that the men here are deciding how a woman should feel about this role reversal. If you are a true man, then you will listen…no, not the the sound of your own voices but to the WOMEN who are speaking.

If I want to know how a guy thinks or why he does what he does, I listen to what men have to say. Or will you come up with excuse after excuse to justify what is easier for you? No matter how women continue to take numbers, they are not happy about it and they eventually dump you.

Not to mention you will never get the cream of the crop- sorry girls who use these numbers. Man the heck up, grow a pair and if you continue to give your number out, you are in fact acting like a girl.

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Shame on you, there are enough women out here. This is my opinion and I know there people who will agree and those that eill disagree. I had a man that someone has been trying to set me up with and I see this man on a fairly regular basis. He did write his number down and handed it to me and with a smile told me I could call him if I did not mind him having my number.

I felt flattered he would approach me that way to get my number as it did not put me on the spot and does not force me to decide on the spot what to do. So for me, I felt it was more respectful in a public setting for him to handle the situation of a number exchange this way. Will I call him? That is between him and I. But do I feel this made him less of a man? No, I appreciated the fact that he treated me respectfully enough to not put me on the spot in a public setting and he still took the lead in asking for a way to contact me other than when I am at work.

Again, this is just my opinion. I know I prefer to communicate using email instead of over the phone initially. So what about online dating? The biggest problem is with online dating. What wrong with you people??? You are the ones helping to make men so paranoid.

Mistakes You Might Be Making When Asking a Girl For Her Number

No one gives a crap about a phone number. If you like the guy- give it up. You all give up other things more readily than a damn phone number. I get asked for my number so rarely that it is a breath of fresh air when someone acts like a man that i do give it. I continue to be annoyed at the ones who claim to be trying to protect my privacy…i mean seriously who asked. This whole situation is driving me up the walls. I continue to tell them I am not that kind of girl. Besides in this day of Facebook graph search, google and twitter.

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That is beyond silly. Different scenario but similar situation. I am so happy that people are talking about this. I feel i want to start a crusade, so men understand how women view them when they do this role reversal. I mean who wants a guy in panties??? Education is key here. They had the info but somewhere along the way, the message got screwed up and it is frustrating me and clearly others.

Every time I meet a guy I inevitably start wondering if he will be one of those… I hope this goes away as more and more people talk about it. I will not make it easy for you. I expect you to open all doors, act like a gentleman, and court the heck out of me. Now please forward this to all the men who want to date me. Men have simply become so lazy they are willing to relinquish their role as the aggressors. More and more men are discovering this to be true. A man who is focused, driven, who truly respect for himself is not going to jump thru a million and one hoops just to prove himself.

There are plenty beautiful women out here who have no problem with putting in effort. Alki, What makes you so special? Do you have the best vagina in the nation? And what does the woman do? Have sex with us? Every woman has a vagina and every woman loves sex- so I ask you again. What makes you so special ALKI? Would be miserable from the start. For what in return? This article and the writers for one of the first times I have seen are dead wrong.

No one thinks anymore.. You could give a fake number often instead of just saying no, wasting his time. Give your number cause your interested in a date. He could never stop calling and asking Num 3 above 2: He could never call, being out with the guys and have a number gathering contest. He calls and you go on a date. Not the exchange of contact information.. I began doing this because it kinda sucks for a girl to give you their number for them to a not respond or b respond in a dry manner. Doesnt happen all the time but..

Giving your phone number, or asking for hers?

I am a man with alot to offer, inside and out. If not, no worries. So do I…the other day I was about to enjoy a film at a theatre and up pops a Hi and a phone number which said call me. To say Hello he said. He said I look like a nice person. Okay, I call today, left a msg, he calls me back tonight and asked me to give him a call back. My boss resigned and right before he left he gave me his personal number and personal email address I was confused, he said so that I could use him as a reference. What about men who ask women out on dates, then give their number at the end of a date?

Is that a good practice or a bad practice? Presumably, there would be no sex involved on the first date. I am not your texting buddy, I am not your phone friend. I am interested in you and I would like to plan a date for us! That, my friends, is why I leave my phone number. If you want to get to know me, meet me for coffee for crying out loud!!!

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Just read her article out loud and you can just hear and feel how toxic she is. If you have your eye on someone and they have no clue, get it going or not. I frequent a popular, upscale gym and developed a serious crush on a younger, hip, but shy guy. After a month of passing each other, one of the cashiers in the cafe quickly introduced us to each other. We briefly chatted and discovered that we have common creative interests and both love to hang out in the same neighborhoods.

He gave it to me, smiled and rushed off to his appointment. I texted him ten minutes later and invited him to meet that night. We met at exactly 7pm and I suggested a trendy outdoor restaurant a few stops away. We enjoyed a healthy meal, wine and cool conversation.

I spoke with a girl two days ago. We spoke for a very long period of time and she seemed very interested asking lots of questions about me, smiling a lot, laughing, talking lots about her life and ambitions, and hung around for about 2hrs. Socialization is the reason most women would still prefer a man to take their number, they do not want to look easy in the eyes of a man. They want men to be men and pursue them and all that stuff. Yet they want equal rights and equal pay! As a guy I have had terrible results from taking numbers. I used to be a huge number taker, both online and in person.

The end results did not justify the effort and I am a very attractive guy that is socially aware. The games just have to stop. If you are interested then show it if not move on. You are spot on Dan. I am very shy, and have social anxiety disorder, Depression, PTSD, and Anxiety, due to the death of my daughter in Its because women have the attitude, you must do it my way, speak to me etc.

Its out of order, and about time that women came into this equal world that they apparently want. What the hell does equal rights and pay have to do with anything? Of course we want and should have equal rights and pay.

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Men have lost the plot. I as a petite woman, help anybody, male or female who needs help. Accepting and desiring Gentlemanly treatment from a possible love interest is sexy and a turn on for women.

A lot of men do this to screen for immature women, narcissistic women, and uncooperative women. I agree totally here,men who have value place their time as their supreme possession. If i give my number out im not putting out that im insecure and im not afraid of rejection. I was raised to be respectful of women. I dont see it as giving up any kind of power or me being a man. I just dont want to put her in this awkward situation where she has to reject me in person. I see it as giving her peace of mind. She dosent have to call me if she dosent want to but if i give my number i am diffenetly interested.

Iv found that some women are put off by the aggressiveness of that first meeting and in todays culture people in general are dangerous. She dosent know me and i dont know her. But there are other types of men who might find it attractive for a woman to show initiative because that in return tells them that you have confidence in yourself. And confidence is sexy. This is old but I like zombies, so here is my two cents. Men are just now coming to terms with the fact that not all women are the same.

Maybe fifty years from now women will realize that not all men are the same. Every woman is different. It is not a weakness if you give me yours or a sign of an alpha male if you ask me for mine.

Either way works if I like you. If I dont neither will. Women expect men to be traditional but women do not want to act traditional. That courting and trying to impress her is for fools and suckers! After a while of always getting rejected and never getting a text or phone call men are starting wisen up. This is an era where men are starting to wake and give the middle finger to the matrix, women and the system! Next Life is Better With Company.

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