Nb power hook up

Right, but the issue was if they had sent out the referral to begin with it wouldnt have been an issue I know when I leave a property I contact the power company to make sure they stop charging me if the next tenant or owner doesn't get around to it for a while. So if anything you were provided a grace day to get the account in good order, and since they hadn't received the info requested they did what they should have done.


I agree with the others, find out if SJ Energy actually sent the reference. If they did, you should be able to get your money back. If they didn't, you could try and get it out of SJ Energy, but the reference sending is essentially a favor they're doing you, so that might not work out well.

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  3. Hydro-Québec to acquire N.B. Power.

But as soon as they send it successfully you should get your deposit back. Personally I've moved in and out of the city a few times, so have been with NB Power 3 times, SJ Energy twice, no problems in any of the transfers.

That is the main reason that after you ask somebody to do something, you should always follow up to check that it's be done. Always assume that people will not do what they say they will do, because sadly that is the case most of the time. It's pretty hard to assign blame here Is it your fault?


Not really, although a follow up call would have prevented this. Is it Saint John Energy's fault? You'd like to think so, but again But it is certainly not NB Power's fault. Could you imagine the work involved if they had to chase after everybody to make sure that everything in the accounts is in order for power hookups and disconnects?

It's bad enough that they chase people that don't pay for a couple of months before shutting down their power. I don't think they should just shut your power off without one notice at least. People can forget, but you'd think a company would be more organized. I disagree, it is their fault, they sure have enough people to bug everyone about their arrears so why not bug them to get all the info correct for hook-ups. I have family that is with NBPower Here is a funny story about NB Power.

Nothing to do with power hookup but still funny the same My house is on a slight hill from my driveway. Which means that my power meter is up a ways from the driveway. We were getting our meter read one month and I watched the meter reader drive up the driveway and park behind my car. So I called NB Power and asked them if they had binoculars or any special scanner that allows them to read what the dials are on the box.

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