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In a timely and entertaining post on the TED Ideas blog mathematician Hannah Fry explains that this type of math was designed to handle just the sort of challenges faced by those looking for love. Such a list would be pretty pointless by then, but if only you could have it earlier, it would make choosing a life partner a fair sight easier. But the big question is, how can you select the best person on your imaginary list to settle down with, without knowing any of the information that lies ahead of you?


Deciding when you've seen enough of the dating pool to be sure of your choice is a common issue, but Fry's solution to the problem is unique. She offers this mathematical formula:.

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Those who love numbers should click over for guaranteed fun there are graphs comparing strategies for those looking for only a "good enough" partner vs. Say you start dating when you are 15 years old and would ideally like to settle down by the time you're In the first 37 percent of your dating window until just after your 24th birthday , you should reject everyone -- use this time to get a feel for the market and a realistic expectation of what you can expect in a life partner.

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Once the rejection phase has passed, pick the next person who comes along who is better than everyone who you have met before. Following this strategy will definitely give you the best possible chance of finding the number one partner on your imaginary list.

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Of course, there's an obvious flaw to this formula. You could meet your absolute perfect partner right out of the gate and be so inexperienced or intent on playing the field that you miss your chance for securing true love though, as this Onion article points out , the chances are a lot lower than many high schoolers imagine. Math, sadly, can never resolve this issue.

A formula for finding "the one"

It can only suggest the path with the highest probability of success. Math [ Privacy Policy ] [ Terms of Use ]. Is there a way to calculate it? That's a very good question.

Strategic dating: The 37% rule

I asked myself that same question some time ago, and I came up with the following formula. Here is the idea: I am going to give you a function that takes in three numbers, a date 1 to 31 , month 1 to 12 , and year such as , and it will give back an integer. The integer is the exact number of days from a certain fixed date.

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In my case, it will be some date about years ago, but you can change it to another date by adding a fixed number. There are several ways of coming up with such a function, depending, for example, on how you record the month, day, and year, and what calendar you are using.

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