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Further evidence of the importance of genetic compatibility can be found in the finding that couples sharing a higher proportion of HLA alleles tend to have recurring spontaneous abortions, [4] reduced body mass in babies, [4] and longer intervals between successive births. There are several biological reasons why women would be attracted to and mate with men with dissimilar HLA alleles: There has been skepticism throughout the science community claiming the idea to be ridiculous.

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Several companies have sprung up offering genetic matchmaking services: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dating sites try DNA tests. Nov 12th, When you sign up for Match. The most basic part of Match's suggestions result from simply matching people with characteristics that they both said they liked. What people say and what they do don't always match up.

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Of the women who say that a partner's desire to have kids is a "must have" criteria on Match. Because of this dissonance, Match. Maybe you say that you don't want to date someone who has been married before, but you consistently email divorced men as long as they want to have children. In addition to tuning into your behavior to decide who you might like, Match. The site looks for other users whose behavior mirrors your own i.

It considers people who your behavior twins have interacted with to be more likely matches for you. In 16 years of business, Match. It uses that data to make some guesses about who you like before you even rate your first match.

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Can an algorithm figure out what we really want in a partner better than we can articulate ourselves? If our likelihood for compatibility is so betrayed by our patterns, where's the magic? We've all seen it and I just try to go out and do the best I can with what the team is giving me. I'm not saying I'm a fabulous tanker but I feel you need to modify your play style in a game where your team is using 'unique tactics' let's just say.

I feel that once I earned my first Tier 10 tank the E , everything seemed to take a turn… worse matchmaking, more losses etc. The main goal of this was to simply check my win ratio compared to what Wargaming tells us and to really look at the matchmaking and how often I find myself in bottom, middle or top tier matches. With over 1, matches played in both solo and platooned, these numbers are statistically significant and I just don't buy the overall win ratio wargaming posts online. Good luck on the battlefield.


If you want to be one of the 47 Ronin check out our recruitment post and then send a message to Prof xbox or dimka ps4. I did a close look last year with my T 29, and, though the sample size was much smaller than what you've taken the time to look at, my results where simliar as far as bottom-middle-top tier.

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The ratio of being top or middle tier vs bottom tier was much higher than I thought it was going to be. I would think this would almost impossible but it happens on a daily basis. That's odd you had Cliff twice in a row.

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I haven't had that happen to me in all of these matches. Even if I turn off the Xbox one day and fire it up the next day, I never get the same map twice in a row. I may also chop up the numbers in different ways but it's only for my curiosity. I appreciate the comments I didn't know how interested people might be in getting into the details of this but if a few of you find it interesting, then it served its purpose.

It is nice to have some figures that show that normal players running in platoons are not skewing the outcome of games. Second, you had more losses while platooned I try to stream games every Friday evening at 9: Yes, I definitely saw more matches as top tier vs. Yes, I did see more losses in terms of percentage only 1. We have a relatively small impact on the outcome of the game compared to the other 12 or 13 players. Only rarely did we have a platoon of 5 tanks and that does have a significant impact on the team. Just as we all change our play style when we see the team doing something in particular, we change it yet again when we have 2, 3 or 4 other platoon mates who want to do something that we may not have wanted to do i.

Obviously, there are better tankers out there than me but I'm always trying to learn my tank better and work with the team. Moby, on 04 January - Your platoon composition, especially the Wn8s of your most frequent platoon mates and if you guys were the same tier tank all the time. What percentage of the time were you playing in tanks that weren't fully upgraded?

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I suspect you were pushing hard to finish grinds and not lingering in tanks you liked or did well in to train up crews or try for marks of excellence. I'll try to answer your questions I haven't looked up all the guys Wn8 ratings but they're all mostly around mine which probably isn't great anyway.

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We were almost always the same tier tank. The two exceptions is when most of us ran tier 10 tanks and one guy ran his tier 9 artillery. The other exception was when some of the guys ran a premium matchmaking tier 5 tank and I didn't have one so I used a tier 4 tank. But add all those up, that could have been matches. Most of the time I was in a tank I was grinding and not fully upgraded.

That would account for some tier 6 through 9 tanks. I'll work on the win percentage by tier but I'm going to try to figure out a way that I can do this once without having to do it manually every time so give me an hour or so to figure this out.