Earth angels dating

Because that is what Earth Angels do. So now it all makes sense, perhaps, in a weird sort of energy or aha! As with all children, embracing Who They Are is the best parenting you can provide. They will thrive even more with your support behind them. They will arrive much faster to live what they came here to be in full while being fully supported by the Universe. You get to be fully supported as you. You can be as successful as you intend to be As You.

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For thumbs, earth angel. After that I was in a horrendous car accident going mph. My father recently told me that the doctors said I was going to be a vegetable, yet I came out of it but they had to teach me everything all over again. How to talk, walk, eat, who my family was, what my name is, how old I am, everything.

Earth Angels Dating

But most of my memories came back in a short amount of time. When I have never done any wrongs, ever, to any of my family. So please help me! I feel like I have been lost my whole life. Those are just situations I have been going through latley. When I was 11, my brother and I were staying with my mom after she got released from prison, after 7 or 8 years.

We lived with her three months, a week and three days before I found my mother dead of a od. Why would God or any higher being let that happen to a child? But it was life, my life and I have to keep moving forward. Hard all the time but it must be done. Giovanni, you are blessed to have lived life and survived.

You are still here and thriving well. As Mathew wrote, your struggles have and will make you stronger and better. I believe it, I have lived it and I see it now. As I laid my parents to eternal rest with guidance, my mission came with clarity.

Are You An Earth Angel? Here are 21 Signs - Forever Conscious

From childhood I had a different mindset from all the adults around me, now that mindset is what sets me apart. I was told by a clairvoyant that I came from another galaxy, this is not my home. Why hope to be something? Instead ask yourself what is it that makes you want to be? Is it because you want to help? If so people can help other people every day. You can volunteer at clinics, kitchens and shelters.

I am more than willing to help. A medium just tescently told me I am an earth angel and I found this article to read up on angels and everything in this article I can relate to!! My whole life I have thought of others before myself! I have dealt with type 1 diabetes rather then my sister and I have just reacently beat breast cancer, which I feel I got in the first place because I let my guard down trying to protect loved ones strongly before myself!

When I have my mind set on doing something to benefit others, not much can stop me! I always felt so different and now I understand why and I do have plant all over my house inside and out, I absolutely love animals and feel the connection between me and them. I love everyone until they hurt me or a loved one. There is so much more but those are some of the obvious that come to mind. I feel a sense of relief like a weight was lifted off my shoulders and I love the feeling.

And he did so we laughed together. Thanks again for this amazing eye opener. Hi lovely Person who write this for me and everyone else who was questioning themselves. My grandma used to give me stickers of angels, but I only was once in a church on Christmas. Shortly before my grandma died, she introduced me to a mother, whose daughter could communicate with angels.

We talked for hours about all that and then she gave me a statue of an angel. The next time I heard about angels was when I started watching Supernatural. I immeadetly thought I would be an angel in that show. But I never told them I liked angels, they just started calling me that. After a while I said they should stop and that I am no angel.

I will stay a kind person in my life — but only you know about me: I am an earth angel. But are there More of you? Even with a family and friends I feel there is something missing. Like I miss my REAL family… If you know a Chatroom or if any other earth angel would like to… You know, get to know each other that would make me really happy: Human angel, guardian, whatever I am I am still me. I do not wish to be completely human and never have. My imaginary friend as a kid was an eight foot tall purple dragon man. Never saw him , but knew he was there.

People tell me really personal stuff out of nowhere. People say I am supposed to protect them out of nowhere. I have seen shadow men and sensed malicious entities, had premonitions come true and seen events unfold in my minds eye. Cats love me, wolves howl when I am near and falcons fly by me whenever I am unsure or down. Does this mean I am something else, who knows.

But it is definitely some weird shit sometimes and has made me think I am nuts occasionally and using escapism to cope with reality. Most of this i read here i already figured out before i found the website. God explained to me how I had a certain purpose. For years i felt different, and becasue of my awaking lately i started thinking and analysing myself. Now i know that this huge urge to help people, this almost physsical pain when I cant, feeling everything what they feel is a gift, and there are more people like this.

This is a huge relief but also Im so scared. I dont find myself in this world, I know who runs it really and it scares me so much I cant sleep. Ive been crying a lot lately, and I feel like I can feel pain of the whole world, its all misery, and I would do anything to help it, my helplessness is killing me, knowing how little I can do to help them. Now I feel like Im not angry, Im just so tired all of the sudden.

And I still feel this pain everywhere, I see it in them, in their eyes, I see an old lady begging on the street and it destroyes me for few days. Im so scared of the world, what it became, what is humanity becoming and what is controling us and eveyrthing here, and Im so scared and lost. And I was analysing why, why i feel such strng urge to go there, and I understood, that it was what i get my energy from — naure, peace and no noise like city, internet, news and all that.

Warm sun, sound of the waves, almost no people and I just felt like in my mohers womb. This is so relieving to write this and to read all other people stories, there are no people who would understand this around me, they all tell me, that im just a really good person, but they dont get anything and I feel so lonely. I just woke up, I just understood what is going on with the world and with me now, and Im gonna be working on that any way I can, but I feel so lonely and so scared.

Thank You very very much for your article, and thank you people for sharing your stories, its like talking to a friend and it feels really calming. Im gonna go to the park now to hug some trees, I love You all people. I also feel the same as you. This insane and violent world is driving me so crazy to the extent I cry to God asking why I am here in the first place.

I have also have a longing to go back home since I was a child. In Nigeria the call us different name such as Abiku,Emere or Of banks but these are mostly attached with negativity which I hate. God had me put on situations where he would see if I would surrender and I never did surrender. At some point thinking of it really does make me feel different then having a human spirit.

While I do have a brother he was the rebel type and I was the kind type never to give any issues. I always tell me myself if God had really wanted me dead during my process of two cancers he would have done so and not let me live but he knew he needed one way or another. I lived passing another victim who passed away being 26 then came passing living beyond 30 with avenged sevenfold drummer Jimmy Sullivan which really saddened me a lot. I have a thing with death. I have been through funerals some I knew some not. There is a weird connection I have with death.

As of now a month ago learning my spiritual awakening and trying to increase on it little by little. I wish I had more. But the questions is, does this make me just a light worker or an actual earth angel. There are quite a few of us awakening now, You should look at Angelic Therapy and Healing on you tube. She is a great guide. Twin Flames time is now. Even my name tells that tho not many people know this because only very few sites tell about the other, not so known meaning. I brought someone with me. Right now I still have some problems with enjoying life. There are people who decide which information will be shared with public and which not.

This place is not what most humans think. I can tell you something. So many times it was close but I was saved.

Earth angels dating

No matter what I tried, I was always kinda special. I gave my word to complete this mission and so I will. But I feel a bit lonely with that. I have nobody on my side. He needs time and I have to be patient. Meanwhile I need to get my vibration higher, so that I can enjoy life again and get access to ALL of my abilities. It frustrates me and makes me feel weak. Should I give information about us or would I get myself in danger because some people try to hide everything and eliminate those who speak the truth?

On the other hand I want to find some of my brothers and sisters who incarnated here as well. What should I do? Risk it and post my knowledge online? I have always felt like there is untold truth and i have a very curious nature. I want to know everything and at the same time i want people to open their eyes to the idiocy that is accumulating around us.

It would be amazing if we could exchange a few words. Janine, stay in stealth until your vibrations are high enough to protect you, you are not alone in this, we are the one. Well, Its really true and I really am happy that every earth angel is connected and we are all one with a purpose of which we have come down to this earth.

Thanking U with regards Shashidhar. Hi, I am reading this cos a medium came to me, she hold my hands. So this is where the fun began. She looked me in the eyes and said: Kenny, she knew my name even I know you are going through dark times, but you are an archangel, you will rise again. I was a bit shocked cos the energy there was very strong. I asked her if I will see her again. She told me when the time has come then I will be there. So, I am still in the dark times, trying to fight my way out.

I feel I have sometimes dark thoughts but thankfully I can separate those with the good. I am aware that these r not good. As soon I read the news and see what is going on in this world I wonder why we even try to create a bigger place. Society is becoming more stupid and humanity more selfish. It hurts me as well. Now I am wondering, can we as angels or whatever we are make a stand? Or do we have to cope all the time with what is happening on this planet? Yes, I match ALL 31 characteristics thoroughly, except my love for people often frustrates me.

I always end up forgiving. People have tried since I was an infant to eliminate me. I told my parents at four years old that I spoke with Jesus. I see both the bad and good in people easily, like it is written on their forehead. The longest I have been dead is ten minutes.

And yet I lived without any deficit to my body. I am the same now as I was before. And why have I seen them? Why is all this happening? I love this entire article and useful information I just read! I honestly love everyone and feel the we all deserve to be loved and respected and to be happy! I am grateful to not need the extra things girls do now days to still look pretty and i am still happy- even without all those things that are not actually part of my daily life!

Life is nothing without Love, time and trips are not worth it with when you are alone! From my experience here on earth so far I learned that people have become more selfish now more than ever. Humans like to use each other and manipulate one another either for money or sex.

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We are too busy trying to one up each other instead of helping each other. I grew up as a Christian in Tulsa, OK. I can tell you that religion hurts more people than helps. Homelessness is out of control in America, with children and adults. I also think people need to take care of their mental health. If you are not strong in your mind. You wont be strong in anything else in your life. I have always have the urge to leave this earth because of humanity and all the destruction we cause on one another. I should of died many times but still here. In my past I struggled with alcohol.

In the past couple months I have been sober. I think people need to stop looking for a leader and believe in themselves and love themselves. Everything we need to be successful is already inside of us. Kernan, thank you for sharing. I am still in process of changing and growing. I try to go with my intuition. I say — keep seeking supportive people — go where it feels light, listen to yourself first, many people have their own opinions — and follow your heart!

Kernan, I completely agree with you! You mentioned everything I worry about on a daily basis.. Also, I love Tulsa, OK! Its nice knowing someone like you lives there. The Light gave us voices to connect with each other, the darkness gave us this technology to further separation consciousness.

Which will you serve? I stumbled upon the definition of Earth Angel while considering my thoughts on what love actually is. Then I started googling, and oddly enough alot of the definitions and descriptions of the term Earth Angel fit me to a t. I always try to facilitate the best outcome for all parties, and go out of my way to offer guidance and understanding for those who I feel need it. I constantly have people, even strangers confiding to me, which sometimes gets me in trouble to be honest. I use the experience to teach and help others through their own traumas..

But my question is, where are you all getting your information? How is this just not the result of someone undergoing pain and understanding what it feels like and thus try to prevent trauma and help others through? Where did you find in the history books of ancient about earth angels? Where is this information coming from? Just wanted to tell everyone on this forum that I am a true believer of God and his all mighty power.

I am a veteran who suffered from survivors guilt. What I do know, is that I view this world in a much different light. I walk with confidence and fear no one because I have God and his angels next to me. Now I view my career in a much different light. I have made it my mission to inspire others and make them seek guidance from their guardian angels. I do feel very different than anyone else. I find myself constantly talking to my guardian angels and I feel like I have bodyguards all around me. The more I look for signs, the easier it gets to be reminded of what I should be doing. I feel truly blessed and I hope that my story here inspires others to truly believe in God and know that we all have a purpose on this earth.

Love is the one thing that binds us all as humans. Stay motivated and blessed everyone! Nearly two years ago, in the sixth grade, I got the feeling that I was different. When I watched my first video on earth angels, I asked God if it was true. Gradually I became more sure that I was one. I think that was His way of telling me yes. I was Only told 7 years ago at 45 by my Angel which is Michael the archangel I was a earth Angel, but he just called me a Angel. I met Jesus when I was pregnant at 29 because of abusive person towards me I felt lost he came to me holding my daughter not yet born.

He said this is your piece of heaven. Then everything was good again. Now the negatives here are growing strong and I feel overwhelmed. Not for one moment has this rock ever felt like home. I really could use talking to someone. As a very young child i had a verbal connection that could hear what i heard and see what i could see. Area suddenly dropping like flies due to massive heart attacks.

It acually caused a rumor that if that was your thing you had a highly likely chance of being dead from a heart attack inside of 3 years of moving here. No way around that. For my training and a real project motivator my real dad took me to mexico age 3 and leftbeor dead. For years the Mormon Cult has used this as a means of a late abortion. I was snatched and sold for Dope to a cartel. I survived horrific beatings so badly my spine was broken, as i was being raped shot even attacked by a large white shark. I was then locked in a dirt floored shed naked with no bedding for 8 months daily that door would open and the violence was constant… Until i killed the man that beat and raped me daily.

Its not called scorpion bay an incredible rt hand point. My grand dad adopted me when i came back from mexico. Being raised in a family that tried to kill you is not a good thing. Its like vitamin D we as humans need love it has a horrible effect on us if we have 0 zero. Its whats killing me now. Reading your post makes my heart break.

6 Clear Signs You Are An Earth Angel Incarnated On This Planet

I know too well of miss treatment but with that being said l know I was brutalized for the soul purpose to understand. I knew this since I was about 3 and accepted my life path. Now being 40 I often ask God to lead me and untie my hands so I can jump in with both feet and change the world one child at a time.

God has blessed me with my life path as gift to connect. I have loved various children that come to me and have had the blessing to help them see there worth in this life. I hope through your tradgedy you can find the gift that was given to you and embrace the love behind d it. How are we support to find out which type of earth angel we are? What exactly am I suppose to do now?

I absolutely loved this article! It reassured me of my position in this physical world. After having my guides come to me at twelve years old and say that in the future I will have an important role to full fill for humanity. I remember being told something about about I always thought something would happen when I was 30 years old.

I was married at 30 years old and and now have 4 wonderful boys, but this was not the worldly role that was I thought was foretold to me. Thirty years after my first encounter with my guides at 42 years old I was electrocuted while standing on a ladder two stories up. I instinctively knew I only had a short time to live while being while my arm was firmly braced to the volts of power on the electric line leading to the house.

In an instant I was given the choice to move on or stay and complete my mission. I chose to stay and pushed myself and the ladder into the power line and was released falling two stories below. I remember the flash and then being on the ground, but not the fall. No broken bones or any other physical problems occurred. I went on to read many Metaphysical books and search for knowledge.

My other reason to stay is to raise my four boys and guide them to serve humanity in a positive light. That is where the loneliness comes in — I have met only one person who knows what I know at my level — not including my two youngest children to whom I teach some of what I know. You are not going to ever really feel connected to this world.

Im feeling the same way.

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Great article — it changed my entire life and way of thinking about my own self — xoxoxo. I believe I am an earth angel. I really do believe I am some kind of earth angel and I have a purpose here. Start out with a daily meditation and constantly think about what an earth angel truly does, try to be graceful and gentle with helping people and yourself. Try not to be angry easily. Help yourself physically and mentally and do not get upset if someone says man things about you. Also try and pray about it. I hope this helped in your path to becoming an earth angel of the lord.

Sending you immense love and light. Remember the light is infinitely more powerful than any darkeness or negativity you can ever encounter. I have this free session here: Or this series of sessions: I was told that I am an earth angel and it makes sense. Am I really one?

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I have always loved nature and felt at home in nature and am a loner at times. I feel disconnected from the world most of the time and I often see angels in my dreams. I think I may be an earth angel; Thanks a lot for helping me be more confident with always feeling different. I have always had friends but even though felt very lonely and upset. I think I am an earth angel!