Dating your personal assistant

Let's say you want to cook, but find preparation overwhelming. Just follow the lead of one "life hacker" and outsource the unpleasant parts -- let someone else pick out the meals you'll be preparing and automate your grocery shopping with online services like Amazon's Subscribe and Save. The economic principle of comparative advantage makes outsourcing seem like a rational approach to setting priorities. Whenever time is spent on tasks you don't value or find frustrating, opportunity costs are generated.

This means you're diverting attention and resources from activities that you deem important and enjoy doing.

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Outsourcing will get even easier in the coming years. We already can go online and order a robot-written thank-you note.

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Or, if the human touch is preferred, we can get cheap ones at fivver. We can download an app that sends automated text messages to people we're dating.

Working With Your Personal Dating Assistant

In the future, Google might release software that recommends how we should respond to social media posts. There will be technology that anticipates our needs and recommends what we should do to accomplish our goals. We'll probably have algorithms that offer advice after tracking and analyzing other people's data trails, including our romantic and business partners. And we might even be able to avoid self-sabotaging behavior by outsourcing our willpower.

Today, we can be nudged away from sending hot-headed e-mails.

Why men will always fancy the office PA

Tomorrow, there will be app to help recovering addicts avoid relapsing. The more hard and tedious work outsourcing can remove from our lives, the more tempting it will be to take advantage of it. And yet, that's exactly why we need to be vigilant. Defenders of outsourcing believe the Do It Yourself D.

Personal Dating Assistants - Online Dating Service for Men

Setting a value on time, however, is more complicated than outsourcing boosters lead us to believe. First, outsourcing can impact responsibility. A calendar isn't just a tool for offloading memorizing commitments. Generally, she was living the dream of every fresh graduate, until everything came crumbling down. By 25, Gloria was ahead of her class, and earning a salary that was increased twice.

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After two years of close supervision, Gloria and her boss grew close and started a secret relationship that saw them discreetly meeting in bars, hotels and lodges. Secretaries, like Gloria, closely work with their bosses, which often makes spouses jealous of their proximity and relationship.

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But are they a necessary pain that spouses or girlfriends have to endure? She also notes that secretaries are an improved version of the now phased-out copy writers; secretarial responsibilities have undergone a vast change. Since bosses spend a lot of time with secretaries, they tend to give secretaries, like Namugenze, other roles that would have probably suited their spouses better. As a consequence, Maggie Mzumara, a motivational speaker and communication consultant, says secretaries and bosses then get attracted to each other because of spending a lot of time together.

Assuming it is a 9am-to-5pm job, a secretary spends nearly eight hours with the boss every day. But before you jump onboard, ask yourself… what are they really guaranteeing? At the end of the day, sure — they satisfied the guarantee. Reputable dating assistants will make sure you have the opportunity to pre-screen all your potential matches and act as the gatekeeper, deciding for yourself who you meet.

A few of the personal dating assistant companies out there have been talking smack about copy and paste messages.

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  • Instead, they prefer to spend hours of your paid time crafting customized messages for each woman. Meanwhile, an exhaustive study conducted by Christian Rudder of OkCupid one of the most popular dating sites in the world proved that copy and paste messages are a better approach. Here at VIDA, we know that data-driven decisions are the most effective. So when an industry expert publishes a study, we pay attention.