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This year, they indulge our eyes being bigger than our stomachs! This window was obviously inspired by a Charlie Brown Christmas and the possibility that Peppermint Patty grew up to be a fashion model.


Lights twinkle on every corner, shop windows burst with creative consumer displays, the streets of NYC are decadently decked. You no doubt know or have seen in blogs from Christmases past , the city is magical this time of year.

I look joy-to-the-world-level joyful in this photograph taken outside the iconic Palace Hotel. But actually I use use my acting education every day: Feelings of being worthless, hopeless, and despondent. It was never going to be a good morning.

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Now I was back out in the world, no longer able to guiltlessly binge-watch Marvelous Mrs. Maisel , I was on my way to work.

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The 7 train traveling from Queens into Manhattan is always crammed with people. On many mornings, however, the train is so full when it gets to my station, I must suck in my stomach, hug my bag close to me, and press myself between the closing doors and the rest of the humanity squeezing themselves into the metallic exoskeleton of the subway.

Chances are you squeezed yourself onto a car during your commute this very morning.

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But if you are not a New Yorker and have never been stuck on a subway train at rush hour, it might be hard to understand. But, I must say that the warm weather today inspired me.

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It made me realize that summer is a great time to find the love of your life. I was stood up for a date. The Set-Up My Matchmaker mom met a guy last week and thought he was absolutely adorable.

“Bergdorf Goodies” is the official title of their 2018 holiday display.

She told him to facebook …. This will be a place of pure …. Did everyone have a great Christmas? Talk about a double whammy, Hollywood!

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One of my friends set me … Read more. Now, things … Read more.

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