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Global Offensive has seen Valve make a major change to how economy works in competitive games. The developers of the popular first-person shooter have made a key modification to the start-of-half economy, boosting the amount of money teams will receive for losing the pistol round.

GO season has not gone unnoticed, with some fans fancying the likelihood of an upset on legitimate betting websites such as BetEasy.

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Counter Strike Global Offensive Betting by BetEasy offers the latest odds and predictions on matches within different leagues across the globe. Best to keep an eye on it to see how this update changes the game for the players. Valve also made adjustments to some of the weapons featured in CS: The prices of both the AUG and the SG scoped rifles have been lowered in an attempt to encourage the use of these weapons in competitive play, while the map Austria has replaced Canals in the competitive matchmaking pool.

The latest patch for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is live right now. The full patch notes for the update are available below:.

The latest CS:GO update introduces new maps and economy changes

Adjusted the CZ75a to encourage semi-automatic fire at medium and long ranges. When that didn't work, they start taking turns team damaging me down to at least 70 to 60 HP every round. There's no way they were in my skill group. I know there is toxicity in every rank, but I feel like it gets a lot worse the lower rank you are.

On a serious note, I suggest reverting to text callouts unless you can detect that your teammates are competent and on the best level possible, mature. Have you played since the patch? At least for me, a lot of people I talk to are on big win streaks and don't even get into lobbies with the next ranks up. I don't want to say it's broken, but it feels weird. Wait, so you just expect to keep your rank despite not touching the game for months? While you lose proficiency over that time, others improve.

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Valve factors that in in an exaggerated manner to make sure you earned what you have. Just imagine how bloated some ranks would be if people could stop playing and would keep their ranks no matter what. There'd be loads of boosted Globals that wouldn't touch MM with a ten foot pole ever again while still being able to brag about their ranks. Literally same thing happened to me, but my main got DMG back thankfully. I think at this point they are just called Alts right? I was Global a while back, Currently Supreme after patch but holy shit is this game a lot harder.

I feel the derank coming. I personally went from LEM almost Supreme though! If he was getting matched with mostly supremes he was probably getting close to supreme pre-patch. Starting to see DMG regularly and it feels rewarding to be clawing back. Would be easier to read this, if the pre-patch ranks were on the left side. If you read from left to right, now it's like this: Well I know that already. So for people who haven't deranked yet, it's harder to read from right to left. Finding your current rank first, which is divided to 2 places in some situations, and then finding the rank that you should be placed post-patch.

From now on it's going to be a matter of trust.

Took me 11 wins in a row to get back to global again. I didn't play for like 4 months at all, started playing like 2 weeks ago and even got up ranked from lem to supreme Don't ask me how though.

CS:GO Meta Changes, New Maps, Nerfs + More (10/9/18 CS:GO Update Recap)

This is after 12 wins and 3 losses 9 or 10 win streak currently. But what I did notice is that the ranks of the players I played against improved and the last game I played was against Supremes and Globals. I was like, oh damn I'm going to derank further if I lose. I went from mg1 to gn1. Then after three games I was at gn2. Then lost two and deranked again. And the pattern has just repeated several times in the past week. Haven't deranked from gn1 and I'm on a 3 loss streak. So I guess I'm where I'm supposed to be.

And most of my gn3 friends are se and sem now. Got on my alt account which I hadn't played since before the holidays before rank shift which was LEM and had no rank. Got placed into MGE after one win. Nine wins later and still MGE, not just wins.. Maybe ranking up will be hard until after everything has settled.

Been stuck in mge for the past few months and I'm still there. I feel like I went from shit tier to even worse.

I'd like to pretend like I'm happy that I'm put where I'm suppose to but this update really shit on my spirits. So according to this I'm better than my old rank?

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  • CS:GO update brings massive changes to competitive economy and weapons!

This has given me a confidence boost. Game Matchmaking System patched I 40 bomb every game Haven't played since November or so. I was LE before the rank update. I didn't play until today. What were you doing in LE getting 30 kills consistently? There's no way you didn't rank up. Prepatch LE was literally so fucking riddled with terrible players. Several of friends who are shit preaim awful, don't know how to use nades, can't communicate, no sound etc and still in LE. Prepatch LE was literally filled with noobs. My rank was LEM, but I got deranked before the patch.

At LE right now dropping over 30 kills usually like every other game unless I am not being consistent. Haven't really noticed the rank getting harder.

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I did a slightly more in-depth analysis earlier today for my own benefit. Guess I'll upload it tomorrow since people seem to be liking this. Yes, I have lost games in the meantime. My smurfs went like this: Wasn't sure if I'd just been having really bad luck with finding hackers, or something was up with MMR. I'll get back up if I decide to start playing this game a lot again.

Almost everyone on my friendlist five or six that were Globals including me and deranked to Supreme, and until now, only one could rank up back to Global. Still MG and just broke wins, had 5 games in a row where I was called a smurf, once by a supposed LE smurf if that was true, all I can do is laugh so the moment I get my MG2 back will be a glorious day indeed. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Counter-Strike matchmaking changes unveiled

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I've just been MGE for like 3 days of my life before this derank, ahah. Then they bell curved. Worst timing ever, thanks gaben. Back to MG1 again though. And happy cake day! I feel like the opponents I face are better. Might take a bit longer for everything to balance out, I guess. Got placed in GN4, 8 wins no losses so far. I didn't play for months so that might affect it. Hadn't played for a year, won one game and my rank appeared as MG1. I actually got a decent rank.