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However, to make the Most of Match.

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Bear in mind that the audience for both sites is a little older than the others. These three apps are created for people who are interested in the online dating scene, but also want to find someone who shares their religious beliefs. JSwipe is designed for people who want to meet other Jewish people, Minder for people who wish to meet other Muslims and CDate for people who are looking for other Christians.

College Kids React To Their Dating Profiles Made By Senior Citizens

Perhaps one of the most interesting dating app concepts on the scene, Hater is unique in that it allows you to match with users who hate the same things that you do. Launched just this year, Hater lets users to swipe in four different directions to choose if they like, dislike, love or hate a concept, activity or person.

Some examples include biting ice cream, zombie movies and blacking out. Unfortunately, most dating apps are pretty heteronormative.

For Love or For Hookups? How Are College Students Using Dating Apps?

Even if they have a setting that allows you to match with the same sex, the vast majority are overall designed for the straight dating experience and limit how someone can self identify. Her, largely geared toward women, is designed for those who identify as lesbian, queer or bisexual. In addition to functioning as a dating gap, you can also find local events and read and share content. OkCupid, which has twelve different options for sexual orientation and twenty-two for gender identity.

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  • Survey Of 3,500 College Students Determined Which Dating Apps Are Used Most For Seeking Out Nudes.
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  • Survey Of 3, College Students Determined Which Dating Apps Are Used Most For Seeking Out Nudes.
  • Single And In College? Download These Dating Apps Now.

Were they looking for love or something different? What have their experiences been like? Their answers are illuminating, to say the least.

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As far as dating apps go, concerns might have been overstated: Not all the results were so surprising. For example, while When it comes the most popular, most-used dating app, Tinder was the overwhelming favorite. OkCupid and Match, both of which are mobile adaptations of older desktop online dating programs, were used by 8.

Interest in online dating has skyrocketed in recent years, especially among younger Millennials. The same is true for Of Tinder users, More people of every gender are using the apps to pursue casual dating than to find hookups, which have nearly become synonymous with apps like Tinder.

The 9 Dating Apps Every Student Should Know About

In fact, Bumble beat out Tinder in users primarily looking for hookups, 9. In a more heartwarming turn, more people overall are using the apps to find love Among men, however, hookups are still the third-most popular reason for using the apps, with Users of Grindr — another app highly linked to hookup culture — rated love as their 2 reason, less than a percentage point ahead of hookups.

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  5. Well, also consider that For these users, a match is not a contract. A significant number Women, surprisingly, beat out men with this preference: Those who identify as neither men nor women lead the pack, with But which app is best for nudes-seekers? In second place is Match, followed by OkCupid, and then Tinder.

    Over a third of surveyed college students are primarily using dating apps to meet people in a somewhat romantic sense — be it for casual dating, love, or hookups. But our survey found that when it came to romance, they still prefer to find dates the old-fashioned, analogue way.

    The 9 Dating Apps Every Student Should Know About

    Given the choice, There are a number of potential reasons for this. More than a quarter of all dating app users — But for these college students who beat the odds and successfully schedule a date — an actual face-to-face date — what happens next? Is sex a foregone conclusion? Depends on who you ask. The majority, however, fall in the middle: So far most of our data has focused on presumably single people.

    1. OkCupid

    We asked several questions about the possibly-thorny issue of dating apps cohabiting with a committed relationship.