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Rex has an unusual past in Salem — from his crash landing into town to his convoluted roots. Here are seven things to know about him. Tin Man Rex his debut in tin foil, when he and his twin sister, Cassie Alexis Thorpe surfaced in Salem during a meteor shower in Eric Winter was the original Rex and played the character from to After leaving daytime, the actor quickly found primetime and film success. Brady blows up at John and Theresa and doesn't want anything more to do with either of them. Theresa is devastated and argues with John and Marlena. She vows to make things right with Brady.

Later, Theresa shares with Anne Milbauer that she believes Brady will take her back eventually because she is pregnant with Brady's child. Kristen overheard Theresa sharing her news and flew into a jealous rage. She hires two goons to knock Theresa unconscious while she is walking home in the park. The goons take Theresa to a warehouse outfitted with gurneys and other medical supplies. When Theresa awakens in the warehouse, she is dressed in a hospital gown and a doctor approaches her with a needle.


Before the doctor pokes her with the needle, Theresa expresses concern because she's pregnant and the doctor confirms that he is well aware of her pregnancy and sticks her anyways, rendering her unconscious again. Later, Kristen arrives at the warehouse and is wheeled into the room on a gurney also wearing a hospital gown.

The doctor asks Kristen if she is ready for the procedure, to which Kristen readily agrees. Kristen vows to get what is rightfully hers. The procedure begins and Brady and Theresa's embryo is transferred into Kristen's womb to be carried by Kristen, as she always wanted to have Brady's child. After the procedure, Kristen leaves town and evidence of Theresa's pregnancy is erased. Brady does not even believe Theresa when she eventually gets the chance to tell him she was pregnant.

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Theresa is sure she is pregnant, and reminds Brady that they did not use protection the last two times they had sex. Theresa and Brady go to the hospital and her aunt Kayla Brady Johnson runs a pregnancy test. Theresa is shocked when the pregnancy test comes back negative and Brady blasts her for lying before telling her to stay out of his life. Theresa is confused because she was sure she was pregnant.

She was indeed pregnant before, but the test came back negative because Kristen has already taken the embryo. Brady and Theresa decide to go their separate ways, though it's obvious they still have lingering feelings for each other. Theresa immediately tries to distract herself from the heartbreak of their ended relationship by jumping into a relationship with another man and taunting Brady about it.

When Melanie Jonas returns to town, she and Theresa hit it off, until they find out who the other is. Melanie immediately blasts Theresa for hurting her friends and a rivalry begins. The rivalry between the two women deepens when Melanie starts to date Brady.

Theresa also moves on with a man named Clint, but that relationship is short-lived. Unbeknownst to Theresa, Clint was hired by Dr. Mandrake, the man who stole her and Brady's embryo on Kristen's orders, to keep an eye on her. Clint's main objective was to insure that Theresa didn't remember what happened the night her embryo was stolen. Despite Clint's efforts, Theresa starts to hyperventilate after seeing a mother and baby together in the town square, showing signs that her memory from that night is trying to break through.

Theresa and Brady try to move on from each other, but whenever they run into each other, they fight, demonstrating the depth of their unresolved feelings for each other. One night, a drunk Anne Milbauer spikes Brady's coffee with alcohol thinking it would be funny. When Anne tells Theresa, she is appalled, rushes to Brady and knocks the drink from his hand to keep him from drinking it and falling off the wagon.

Brady overhears Theresa scolding Anne for her actions and sending her home.

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Brady then follows Theresa to the town square and thanks her for saving him, however he doesn't understand why she did it. Theresa is shocked that he doesn't understand and explains that she wouldn't stand by and let someone sabotage him. She tells Brady that she understands now that he is truly an addict who struggles with substance abuse, unlike herself who could take it or leave it. Theresa again apologizes for what happened the night his father went into a coma and explains how that night changed her.

Brady believes her, understands and wants to call a truce. The two visibly start to soften toward one another and there is a shift in their relationship. Theresa wants to start over as friends but a phone call from Daniel about Melanie ruins the mood. Theresa is hurt, even though she won't admit it and runs out on Brady. He follows her and tries to get her to stay so they can finish their conversation, but she insists that he forget what happened that night and leaves on the brink of tears. Eventually, Melanie's snooping leads her to figure out that Theresa really was pregnant, and Kristen DiMera stole the embryo from Theresa's body, left town and gave birth to the child, naming it Christopher.

Melanie, Brady and Theresa track down Kristen and save the baby.

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When Brady and Theresa are reunited with their son, they change his name to Tate. When Theresa moves into the Kiriakis mansion, tensions arise between her and Victor. She eventually expresses her interest in purchasing Basic Black and running it as her own fashion company, with financial backing from Maggie Horton.

In the hopes of finding the right partner, she teams up with Kate Roberts and Nicole Walker to achieve the goal of purchasing Basic Black, with Kate and Nicole's business background and her own interest in fashion design. While in close quarters, Brady and Theresa share several instances of rekindling their romance, much to the chagrin of Victor, who eventually kicks her out of the mansion.

As a result, Brady quits Titan and moves in with Theresa and Tate, in their own penthouse.

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However, they are forced to move back into the Kiriakis mansion when a vengeful Xander Cook escapes from prison, and nearly kills Theresa on the day she and Brady were supposed to be married. The accident leaves Daniel brain dead, and Brady in need of a heart transplant. With Maggie's permission, Daniel is taken off of life support and his heart is donated to Brady.

Eric is later sent to prison for causing Daniel's death. Theresa helps Brady recover and stays by his side, bonding the two closer. In August , Tate is kidnapped, but is later found and the kidnapper is revealed to be Kate Roberts , after Victor was accused of being the kidnapper. Brady and Theresa are heartbreakingly forced apart in November when an old flame from Theresa's past arrives in town. When Theresa was 19, she took a trip down to Mexico and became involved with a drug lord's son named Mateo. Theresa grew out of her relationship with Mateo and left him, returning to the US.

Years later, after Mateo's father died, he took his place and built and even stronger drug empire. Mateo never forgot about Theresa and obsessed over her. Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediately , especially if potentially libelous or harmful.

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