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Things I wish someone told me before I came to the U. I wish someone told me not to get off the car when stopped by a cop as a sign of respect for them. I wish someone told me not to pick up random kids in the park and kiss them on the cheeks like we do on Morocco without being considered psychos. Virginia Looking for a Moroccan woman for marriag. Usa looking for a wife. Pa To Mr are you ready. Kissimmee 1 bedroom for rent. New York Looking for bant nass. Washington Dc Washington Dc looking for bnt nas zawa.

Boston looking for one bedroom to rent. East Boston 2Bed Apartment to share. NE Help to register marriage. Boston apartment to rent in boston. Tx Looking to rent room or share in Houston. New Jersey Are You Ready. New York reation app. Malden Ma 2 bedrooms for rent. Casablanca Looking for serious relationship. San Diego Looking fr roomate in san Diego californ.

Usa looking for a husband. Virginia moving to virginia need some help. Ny Looking to rent room or share in queens. Orlando, FL Just wondering Morocco Halal mariage inchaallah.

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Usa looking for a good wife. CT Serious guy looking to get married. Alexandria Virg Roomate needed. I am going back in October and we will get married, provided the Moroccan government accepts all my papers. But I still have some doubt. Could this just be my nerves. I told him we did not have to live in the USA, I could move to Morocco, or we could live somewhere else.

He has always said to me it is not about moving to America. Its about him loving me. How do I get over feeling like maybe I am being scammed. It really depends on the person. I met a Moroccan man online in April. My story is alittle different. Is the way he is typical for a Moroccan man? I met a really nice guy in Essaouira. We are close in age he is 3 years older , and we had a lovely time.

He is a gentle soul, very respectful, earnest guy. He totally wears his heart on his sleeve, and after what I will admit was a super romantic evening nothing scandalous , he pretty much put it all out there about how he feels about me. One thing bothers me though. Whenever we talk, he is outside—either alone or with his friends who I met in Essaouira.

Do you find this to be true?

So you Wanna Marry a Moroccan Man?

Am I not going to meet your sister? What will you tell her about where you are? Though if something feels strange to you then you should certainly listen to your gut. It is very uncommon for Moroccans men or women to talk about someone of the opposite sex that is not their spouse. Hmm, thanks for your response! He is 32 so you are probably right. I will definitely listen to my gut, and we will need to talk about a few things over the next 2 months. He would definitely need to meet my family before I could commit to marriage.

Seems like it is the reverse situation with him. Is he trying to avoid it or should he be trusted? I have trust problems due to my past and I have been very scared since reading that Moroccan guys r munipalitive and say what girls want to hear. If u could please help me understand him and his intentions and maybe give me advice on how to figure out if he is good, it would be greatly appreciated. I just married my boyfriend in Morocco we met on. And rented a beautiful house to have it in.

I love him so much and he loves me i feel lucky to have such a sweet man in. I was in a relationship with a Moroccan man for eight years, we were engaged. I came home from work a couple of weeks ago to find he had packed his things and left while I was at work. He may have thought it would go away but perhaps the family pressure was finally too much.

He was very nice to me over the years and I was nice to him. Its all a mystery. Thank you for this article, it is very helpful.

This man confuses me. We got into it really bad about a month ago and then he texted me late Sunday night with an apology. The dilemma with the idiot is he really likes me and is conflicted with trying to be only my friend and not anything more. So yesterday we decided to start over and we will be meeting this coming Monday.

He says he wants to see me. I recently just come back from marrkech after spending a week on holiday. One the day I was due back a guy who works at the hotel as a entertainer left me his number. Whilst I was there he never looked at me in a wrongful manner or indecent way. He always spoke very politely and repeat fully. The due day I was due back for England he spoke to me a little bit more and left me his number. I always seen him in the hotel and liked him as I felt he was very decent and never looked at you or starred at you or looked at u up and down.

I contact him and we have been talking for a week now. He is 26 and born an bread in marrkech.

He told me that he really likes me and wants to marry me. At 1st I thought am I an escape route but I dared to tell him that. So casually I asked where would he want to live if we did get married. He explained he would be happy to live anywhere as long as I was with him as he wants to marry me and wants a family. He said he will wait for me till I go back to marrkech and wants to introduce me to his family as a girl who he wants to marry.

He said he wants to be with me in a halal way and the only reason he is talking to me is he wants marriage. I really respect him for telling me this. He also told me about his past that he had women in his life but they refused to marry and wanted just fun.. I am also considering the fact I want to settle. I am a pakistani born and bread in England and I am a teacher.. I think your situation is a little different than many others as you are wanting a halal arrangement at least it seems this way! Do you have a mahram, parent, or trusted friend that could speak to him?

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Do you share a language? Perhaps you could talk on the phone or online a little more. I would generally advise against jumping into anything before considering it a little further and spending a bit more time getting to know each other. We are now speaking online and trying to get to know each other a little more. I have my sister who is willing to speak to him. Which is how we communicate as he can read write and speak English. I will be going back to marrakech next year in shaa allah and until then we are going to speak and know more of each other. Salam wa alaykom Sister! I cannot begin to tell you how frustrating this process had been so far lol aka soooooo many papers.

I finally received my background check from the FBI, so hopefully the rest of the papers are a bit easier to acquire. I currently broke up with a Moroccan man that I was dating bc of religion. Being a Christian and him a Muslim, he told me that he would only marry someone who is similar to his mom who is veiled and someone she approves of. His mother is everything to him, and he values his family a lot. Is this common in morocco?

Or is he just giving me an excuse. I would say his issues have less to do with religion and more to do with culture. Hi Amanda, maybe you can shed some light on my situation. About 3 months ago I started talking to a 30 year old Morrican man. He is here in the US to study for years. Since talking, he and I have grown close and met twice.

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Baby brother in which that name is inscribed on his ring. My 21 old daughter wants to marry 23yr morrocon, shes been to see him on 3 visits, one lasting a month. His family support the idea. He works in a hotel as a fitness instructor. Over skype the family appear nice and are kind to my daughter. My daughter has for many yrs suffered with M. I dont doubt they are in love, they are young and impulsive.

I to help them but in the right choices. Your advice will be welcome thank you.

WOULD I MARRY A MOROCCAN MAN? My father helps me decide

My marriage is with muslim Moroccan man and honestly I listened only to my heart. I didnt follow all these steps in this article. But we love each other and I am ready to live everywhere with him, it doesnt matter where, it does matter only the company! If you want to ask me some questions about my marriage, I am ready. Anything you want to share I would love to hear! Amanda…Really enjoy your posts and reading your perspective on all things Moroccan.