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By now you know how easy it is to get sex with Thai girls and Indonesian girls, but how about getting sex in Vietnam? You see, unlike most of the girls in Thailand and the Phils— Vietnamese women value relationships. They seem to hold old-school values like cooking, cleaning, and general homemaking near and dear to their hearts. For this reason, they prefer to seek out men for longer-term engagements. The truth is, Vietnam currently falls more on the longer-term end of things, but is starting to shift towards the more short-term, hookup culture. Girls are dating out of there family friends and going online with Tinder and Vietnam Cupid.

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My personal hope is that it falls somewhere in the middle of the spectrum—some girls grasp on to the new mentality with legs arms wide open, and some retain their traditional values. She probably speaks very good English. If you met her on Tinder, she will. If you met her at a mall or at a club, use your best instinct. The crazy party girl in Saigon probably is down to hop into the sack quickly.

The girl you struck up conversation with at the coffee shop in a smaller town is not as sure of a thing. A lot of Vietnamese girls live at homes, maybe even until they get married. However, if she tells you that she has to be home by pm without complaining or hating on her parents, she probably is from a good family, and loves them.

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Now, the girl who throws her own father and mother under the bus for insisting she be at home by a certain time…get out your watch and start counting backwards from her curfew. This is the girl who wants to break the rules and detests restrictions being put on her.

How Easy is Sex in Vietnam?

Is she letting you touch her, have you kissed—overall, how sexual does it feel? Also, this area is known for petty crime, make sure to take care of your belongings and dont leave anything unattended. Once you keep these tips in mind, you can go here and have an absolute blast as there is an insane amount of bars here for one street! This is the classic way to meet locals. Also, if you are a digital nomad, try to spend some time in coffee shops where a lot of young locals work and hang out.

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I have made many Vietnamese friends at coffee shops. The Vietnamese youths are very friendly and willing to interact with foreigners. Beer clubs for Vietnamese people are the equivalent of a nightclub for a westerner. The only twist is you go to a beer club to eat, drink, and stand around your table.

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I have been to a few beer clubs by myself and was eventually invited to drink with the locals. The clubs usually run all sorts of games and competitions too! Getting stuck in to some of these should help you break the ice with anyone else in the bar. However, make sure you know your limit! The Vietnamese are very pushy and always want you to drink with them. This is the guaranteed way to meet the locals, and there are a few ways to book a local insider.

These professional guides know the city very well and can provide you a lot of insight information. As a result, they are extremely helpful if you need someone who helps you to negotiate in the local markets.

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Another way to book a local guide is through websites that connect travellers directly with locals such as Inspitrip , Viator or ToursbyLocals. On these websites, you can send requests asking the locals to come up with an itinerary based on your interests. One of the perks of having a local booked in advance is that everything is organised for you.

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This means not worrying about airport pickup, where to stay and things like sim card registrations. Who knows, maybe your local guide could become one of your best friends in the city.

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Here is everything you need to know about travelling and teaching English in Vietnam. This is a very good way to travel in Vietnam! The hotel also offers tour on boat to see floating market: Visit the page http: Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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