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A source for speaking about preventing infidelity would be Elda M. Points to Ponder Before You Cheat. Her premise is that infidelity is preventable, if personal accountability is taken into serious consideration.

Fidelity Dating vs Ashley Madison | Adulterer's Wife

For more info, her website is: Her book is available through Amazon. Our mission at FD is to build the largest community of single infidelity survivors who are looking for friendship or romance. We understand how much infidelity can damage your trust and you may find it almost impossible to date again. This is why we created this safe haven for those who have been cheated on to rejoin the dating pool.

Adulterer's Wife

You may use these HTML tags and attributes: New Year, New You. Upgrade Yourself and Attract The One. Akua Hinds , December 30, What Happens to Your Body after a Breakup?

Thrive after Infidelity Whether You Stay or Go

Daniel , December 27, Akua Hinds , November 27, Elodie — March 2, Fidelity Dating - Source: How did you come up with this website idea? Can you explain the concept of your website? According to you, when is it ok to trust your date? Why is it so difficult to find a date nowadays?

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What advice would you give a person who have been cheated on and is discouraged by the dating game? Shryne app lets you create a digital scrapbook of your memories with your ex. Fidelity Dating is the brainchild of Gary Spivek and his partner, Julie, who were both cheated on by their former partners. Julie, his partner on Fidelity Dating, was apparently cheated on by her ex in the most despicable of ways. Gary has since found love, having been married for the last 10 years, but he has found it rather difficult to forget the pain of heartbreak.

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She would go out more, drink more, and dress up more. I had my suspicions and finally found a receipt to a motel in her purse. When he finally drove down to the seedy motel, he caught her in the act. He said that the events of over ten years ago left a deep impact on his mind, and that he even suffered from post-traumatic stress.

He even claimed to have lost 20 pounds in just a few weeks after the incident. How true it is that communication is the key to all successful relationships in life and that certainly includes intimate relationships between a man ….

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  • Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend is always a bit risky. Maybe you will both have learned from past mistakes or maybe you will …. Many ladies may assume that guys have a low interest span.