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Results 1 to 13 of 13 Thread: Posts 1, Thanks for the URL. I think I've met the machine I'm going to marry!! They gave me the wrong date when I called! I knew that from this list, and what I had found elsewhere that these machines were dated So I called back this morning and questioned her again. Got the same very nice lady She apologised I feel better now! It bugged me all afternoon yesterday! This small sewing machine, which has no identifying marks, may have been made in Brattleboro, Vermont by one of the two manufacturers operating there in the period from Collectively, all of these machines are known as " New England " style machines.

It is possible, too, that it may have been made by one of several Massachusetts-based sewing machine companies. Three other Orange, Massachusetts, based companies made these New England-style machines: Finally, there were two Winchendon, Massachusetts-based companies making New England machines:. Grout and J.


There is no record that these sewing machines were produced after Barker stopped selling for White and formed another sewing-machine company together with A. In , William Barker and Andrew J. Over the next 20 years, the New England machine and the " Home Shuttle " were their two most significant products. In , the company reformed under the name New Home a combination of the labels New England and Home Shuttle and it continued to operate under that name for the better part of a century. Barker , who was White's main seller, decided to leave him and founded his own company, the Gold Medal Sewing Machine to produce a machine named " The Pride of the West " and later "the New England Machine".

In , Barker went back when he had started and settled his company in Orange just as his former employer Thomas White had done.

The sewing-machine equipment and business was sold to William L. There, in partnership with William L. Grout , he also began to manufacture New England machines; these were basically the same as the Raymond machines. In , Thomas H. White and Stephen French , who has been his mechanics since , left their Templeton manufacture to settle in Orange, Massachusetts and Mr. This is often found in the magnificent library table. I'm trying to get a picture of that piece of furniture. This beauty was submitted by Linda in Va. Beach, who says there are several Onions who have them.

How to Determine the Value of Your Old Sewing Machine

However, we are assembling a record of known dates to provide a rough comparison ability. The following White numbers were verified through the company. You will note that there are irregularities in the stated sequences.

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Neither we nor the company have any explanation for this. Hopefully, you can use the list for a quick check on the age of your White. VS - the White VS was introduced in Books credit it through the 's but White records show it continuing into the 's. VS I has round tension on upper arm. VS II came out in the 's.

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The tension was by means of a nut on the machine head, but had no dial. White records start in Family Rotary - The Family Rotary, or FR, came out in the 's, and in various models continued well into the 's.

1929 white FR sewing machine

FR serial numbers were used on badge machines as well as those labeled "White". FR Note: It has been reported that s - are all This conflicts with the report on , above, but such conflicts are common. White offered some FR's with cast in decoration, rather than decals. These were introduced in and were all electrics.


You can substitute an earlier FR handwheel and put them in a treadle. I believe the bronze ones were earlier than the krinkle finish. The bronze were offered in a beautiful cherry library table of quite good size. The entire top lifted off to expose the machine, which was then tilted up for use. It is one of the most beautiful of all sewing machine furniture pieces. Once upon a time, there was a young English lord named Prince.