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Phone Company Exchange Building. Network Interface inside house. Network interface box left with junction box right. Phone Jack from Phone Company. Phone Company 'Line Module' for L2. The local phone company simply provides your house or business with a single phone jack -- which is exactly what a VoIP company does as well.

VoIP does this via a portable device that you can take with you instead of a plastic box permanently attached to the side of your house.

How to Hook Up Vonage

Whole House VoIP - the solution. Phone Company phone jack. Surge Protector with phone jack. Twisted Pairs - why are they twisted?

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Structured Wiring and Home Runs. Telephone RJ14 Wall Jack. Just hook it up to your modem and Vonage can access the internet directly. The adapter is the connection between your internet and your land line phone.

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When you sign up with Vonage, one is sent to you in the mail. For more information please click on the link for the Vonage Phone Adapter. After Hurricane Maria wreaked havoc throughout Puerto Rico, the government has been struggling to reestablish communication services. In order to help with this problem, one company has offered to deploy high tech balloons. On the road I see others with armbands holding their smartphone, speaking into the in-line mic in their headphone cord. Unlike previous generations, millennials have grown up with technology at their fingertips.

With the huge variety of devices to choose from, why do they like smartphones the most? Here are 5 good reasons smartphones are their prefered device. Vonage offers a day Money-Back Guarantee "MBG" if you terminate your service within 30 days from the date of your order. Your Order Date is the date you order service or the date Vonage successfully processes your payment, whichever is later.


The MBG applies to the first line only and covers the monthly charge, taxes and any shipping or activation fees. Additional lines are not eligible. In addition, not all of the taxes that you paid may be refundable. If you purchased your adapter from a retail provider, you can return your adapter only to that retailer pursuant to their return policy. Vonage does not refund the price of adapters purchased from retail providers under its Money-Back Guarantee. Before you go Don't miss out on this special offer.

Plus, great low international rates. Why Vonage Phone Service makes sense. Easy on the wallet Vonage calling plans offer several ways to save. Easy Setup If you have high speed internet service, setting up Vonage is as easy as plugging in the Vonage adapter and a digital phone.

Award Winning Support Vonage is an industry leader in customer satisfaction and customer support. Vonage Home Phone Anywhere awesome! Vonage has a Day Money-Back Guarantee Excellent call quality, tons of calling features, huge savings! Our Vonage Tools and Resources.

Log in to your Vonage account. Vonage Plan Comparison Best Value! Vonage Plan Rates Vonage vs. Service Requirements To get the best experience from your Vonage service, you'll need the following items. A high speed internet connection cable, DSL, or satelite - Vonage does not provide this service. Any phone as long as it's touch-tone. A Vonage phone adapter, which connects to your high speed internet connection. A web browser to access and modify features within your Vonage account.

A qualified Vonage account and plan. How to connect wireless Linksys router to vonage Can you use a wireless printer with vonage How can I hookup vonage using wireless internet adapter How to do Fax into Vonage, Vonage into wireless hot spot? Can't find your answer? Ok get the wireless connection up and running then plug the vonage devive in the back of the computer via ethernet. This will allow your vonage device to use the wireless internet connection via the ethernet. It basically links both connection together.

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Do you connect the ethernet from the computer into the computer or internet spot on the vonage box? I have tried both but the vonage box will not connect to the internet. Kary Kilmer Sep 5, , 7: Best Answer out there!