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Its not a place to get help or better. The place will get you sicker. A bunch of white trash drug addicts hos and broken drug addict men!!! Stay far far far and far away! This site is not only nostalgic for me, but has really and truly been a comfort for many years. I have made very close friendships with many of my fellow members, to where we send each other packages and Christmas cards, talk to each other on the phone, and are connected through other social media.

In all my years of coming and going on this site, and chatting in the chatroom i have only recently and on a few occasions had problems with other members, but that is solved simply by blocking. This is a site for people that suffer from MI, for sure, and things can get a bit overwhelming, those moments are few and far between. I have nothing negative to say about other members or this site. If you do join, hit me up and say Hi.

You will see for yourself what it's really like. I have been a member of nll for 14 years. Made some real life friends from the site.

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But dont go on chat. Screwed up people are on chat. People that easily insulted or feel slighted. I am a bible reading christian and my faith has enormously helped my mental health. I also am very functional in the world. The chat room has women in their 30s that for some reason cant get dates or boyfriends so they are jealous of male attention you get from guys on chat.

And if your older thsn them, prettier than them, they cant handle it and their claws come out. I live a wholesome with good values and have no problem getting suitors.

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Basically its a bunch of loser women on chat that have never been married. Stick to adults on the site that you can message. Sometimes you bump into good eggs that are consistent. Chat is loserville to the max. But the chatroom can be full of drama. Some girls are envious of other girls that are prettier and more together than they are. Some people on chat are not medicated or in treatment and can create additional drama.

Just look for the people who seem like they have their lives on track and are stable and you will be fine. Otherwise, its a decent site. I loved this site, and treasure some of the connections I made there Chat seems to have been taken over by trolls or borderline BPD users whose main purpose to cause drama for fun. I emailed webmaster about some things, but he didn't even open my email. Well, maybe he will read this! It has become a free for all in there!

Certain problem users and mods need to be removed. How many times does a problem chatter need to be reported before being dealt with? Jim, come see what your baby, NLL chat, is up to these days! Recently signed up again after a long absence. Feels like very few people actually want to communicate for real on here and instead want to obsess over petty site drama slander, gossip etc.

I feel like some people make the site their entire life and want to attack anyone outside of their 'clique'.

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Honestly, the overall attitude of a few members taints the whole site for the rest of us just wanting to find meaningful connections. No more taking anything seriously or giving out my personal information on here. I have learned my lesson and will not be responding to anyone else on here, maybe at all. I get that people have mental issues, but quit wasting my time, thanks.

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Low caliber guys overall btw - be careful about disclosing anything personal e. I now know WAY more than I wanted to about quite a few people on here, all because I logged onto chat. The women aren't any better People who frequent the chatroom are for the most part rude, Yes, I know not everyone, but whenever I go in, it's the same few obnoxious members dominating the whole conversation , and at times paranoid, constantly accusing me and others of being other people on site.

One of the chat mods is in with the pathetic 'clique' btw and is snooty and rude to newcomers.

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The other mod is normal and friendly. I am giving 2 stars because I'm hoping once the toxic element is removed, the full potential of this site can be realized. Needs a fresh element I'm not going to say people are bad as some have, as the vast majority truly aren't. The reason you see some negatives here is a consequence of chucking umpteen of us together in one place who have mental health issues for various reasons, It was never going to be easy.

This is a site in all honesty that could be more harmful to you and your own mental health than good and wont be for everyone. There are hundreds maybe thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands you'll be so lucky Jim that have left for this very reason. For some it may work for others it most definitely will not. With that all said, you'd expect then the owner having claimed to be one of us to have a more hands on approach. That in a community such as this would be a near necessity. So then you can't excuse the poor irresponsible manner, have to say lackadaisical approach to running the site they have taken.

They only ever seem to listen to a select few members, very conveniently. Genuine requests or concerns put forward from the community seem to be largely dismissed with a few tried and tested prepared statements for the occasion. Yes the owner says these things to mental health community members, nice that. But hey keeps things simple and ticking over how you want it without the need to do, well anything basically.

Minimum effort for maximum profit is the mantra my friends and it's a slogan most befitting the site these days. Laughably I and others have even been threatened with legal action in the past for saying the site is poorly managed And what privilege did they bestow upon us long suffering members having finally given the NLL community the long awaited and promised face lift.. Not forgetting the incredible generosity that was the site demolition job, whereby the much loved forum, blog, art, story and poem sections amongst others were given the heave-ho.

A mere week or so after maybe less, a 2 times price hike from 20 dollars may have even been 10 at one point to 40 was introduced. The problem is you see, people with a mental illness showing they have a mental illness or being toxic as they'd call it.. So it's you who was damaging the sites reputation as he claimed, it's you who's costing him his chances of making money from you because you and your mental illness were on public display.. Hence getting rid of those sections So we're now left with the chatroom, the only remaining survivor to the NLL cull where all his henchmen hang out, one of the reasons it still remains?.

Which in no way as we can see from various reviews here is any different.. That too has toxicity as he likes to call it whenever there is criticisms of the site or people with a mental illness showing they have a mental illness.. The difference is the chatroom is hidden away in a handy little cubbyhole and resets itself. NLL use to be a social network site with all that it had, now it's a shadow of it's former self having been stripped bare easy money and declared a dating site as it was all along apparently?

How very charitable and kind to your wallet. No longer lonely is a crazy site full of crazy people. It will most likely be a mistake, but it will be fun. I like the site, chatroom is the best.

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  8. You can always find people who understand your problems. Although there are forces of darkness that organize on a skype room, I fight tirelessly to bring their reign of terror to an end. I'm sorry NoLongerLonely doesn't have a better rating, but don't believe the people saying that the site needs to be shut down.

    Gotham is worth saving. I have made many lovely connections through this site and will continue to do so. But what the mods have done makes me even more sick than I am even on medicines. And I dont know why Jim doesnt bother to rearrange all moderators, or he even doesnt bother to just say hi in chatroom in rare appearence. See screenshots for yourself and get convinced.

    The online dating site designed for people with mental illness

    I have took lot of backups that their trolls touching the sky! I have been on nll for about 2 years. They take personally on me saying - "I need 12 yo wife, gf, ete, etc. They even more humiliate me- racially, culturally, historically, intellectually, like a 4th world civilization, and even more pitiable in chatroom. Guess what when high energy UV and X rays reach earth, not too far. I was very upset and lost entire night sleep. Russia will become most powerful and very egoistic.

    I know Putin has Midas touch plan - transeurasian project https: BBC Documentary too resonated my thoughts - Putin will take out most from world. A Communist prez dictator will rule India freeze accounts, nationalize all men and material and famine, great civil war will ensue Final Armageddon by superpowers causing major earthquakes, most of world sink, incessant rain, freeze, moon to fall into the Pacific, change of earth axis, little portion of Northern India Delhi become North Pole other planets to clash and fall on to Jupiter c. Souls go to the original state and be liberated and salvaged.

    Before end everything will go asymptotic to infinity. Repairing the damage, setting the state of atoms and molecules to original state - - 78; c. Better stay away and see for some other dating or even free social sites The site is a good idea in theory but it's full of bugs that never get fixed. And the webmaster never replies to e-mails. And if the bugs don't prevent you from sending messages, you'll find that most members have such bad mental health problems that they can't keep up a regular correspondence. Don't bother joining, it'll be a waste of your time. I've been a long standing member of www.

    The webmaster's passion needs to be recognized because this website is not inexpensive to maintain, yet membership fees are extremely low. I can't say enough good things about www. The idea of the site is great. It's well worth joining the site and giving it a go if you have mental health problems and want to meet new people. It needs more members ideally though it probably needs to be advertised more. Don't waste your time. Just tried the site again. I see they have a new design but the functionality is lacking. I filled out my profile a few times and after each time I hit the Submit key, it wouldn't save it.

    I noticed most of the users haven't been on since last year. I guess people are realizing that the site is a dud. It's good value and promises something very positive to people with mental health issues such as myself. However, the comments regarding the aggressive attitudes on the site are true. Recently, 'Jim' the webmaster, installed a new website template, which not only brought it up to date but also got rid of the toxic forums, although the chat room still exists.

    The messaging had teething problems and despite emailing 'Jim' about this, I received no response whatsoever, but did find that someone had been poking around in my profile blocking people and messaging other profiles that were then deleted. We're getting married next Spring. Keep up the great work! Our site is the only one online that serves the specific niche audience of those with a diagnosed mental illness.

    By creating this inclusive community our users can rest assured that each user on the site is sensitized to the particular challenges of managing a mental illness. The site was established in and since then has been operated by a single individual with a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder. This is not a faceless corporation but instead a kind community with a leader passionate about improving the lot of its users.

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