Istj dating istp

Consequently, relationships are often quite difficult for INTJs and ISTJs alike, especially when paired with Fe types who seek external proof of, or want to dialogue about, emotional matters. While ITPs may at times suffer the same fate, their use of Fe makes them somewhat more skillful and at home in social contexts.

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All the IT types can be disposed to nerdiness and social awkwardness. Whether we like it or not, these demographics affect our social expectations and perceptions of the respective types and sexes. In light of this multiplex of factors, I think we are mistaken when we assume that all nerds have essentially the same personality type and are faced with the same social or relational hurdles. To the contrary, each of the above types has its own set of strengths and challenges.

The 16 Personality Types: Thanks for your comment. We feel this discrepancy has resulted from mistyping, especially with respect to the J-P variable. If we are correct in our assertion that FPs and TJs are the most common types among American women, then we would also be justified in suggesting that American women predominantly use Fi in combination with Te both FPs and TJs use the Fi-Te function pair.

INTJ & ISTJ Types in Relationships

In similar fashion, we see a preponderance of TP types among American men, which would indicate a predominant preference for Ti in combination with Fe. This post is the best! I think the Ne plays a part as well, so that an INTP female is no longer seen as an absent-minded professor, but as air-headed. There is also the paradoxically open and expressive emotional immaturity and inner disconnect. Really though, those are just INTP struggles. On a high level, every type has their own hurdles not always necessarily social. I guess it just pays to seek understanding.

They have plenty of role models and a society designed for them to excel in with all the strokes affirmation, money. And when they do often it goes poorly, as we can see in the public religious and political forum. It's honestly a really fantastic relationship, probably the best I've ever had.

ISTJ Weaknesses

I enjoy that we have the same hobbies, communicate in similar ways, and have similar attitudes towards education and future goals. We're both honest, logical, hard working, and devoted. Our love languages are the same and we have similar values. We are both so introverted and homebodies so we rarely go out.

Sometimes I wish he'd be a little more verbally expressive.

ISTJ Relationships

My biggest problem is that he doesn't like me as much as I like him, lol. But I guess the bigger problem is that even if they are in love with you, it will be hard to know. They're generally not good at expressing emotion. I need reassurance that the guy is into me.


Either in words or in lots of time spent together. ISTPs are generally not that way. But I feel like we totally get each other.

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We definitely are opposite functions he is a stereotypical ISTP with the exception of the whole risk taking part. So the result is that we constantly give each other an interesting perspective that the other one can totally appreciate. But he is amazingly loyal, forgiving, nonjudgemental.

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Is it the fact that our functions are in the same order and just differ on the I vs E dimension? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Analyzing the ISTJ

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