Dating a twin sister

He would get pissed when he found out. I told him it seemed really rapey to me. I dated an identical twin for several years and was never attracted to his brother. By the time I'd fallen in love with the one twin, they had started to look very different to me even though when I first met them I couldn't tell them apart. Now, though, when I run into either of them, I can't tell them apart very well any more.

Dated an identical twin for 2 years, you can tell the difference between the 2 fairly quickly. Only not from behind when they're doing the dishes side by side and you grab the wrong ones arse. They still laugh bout it years later. I'm married to one and we 3 live together.

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I remember not knowing which one is which the first year we first met, 10 years later, I find myself forgetting they are twins. I love my husband and feel attracted to him while I feel absolutely nothing for his brother, not even physically. The only thing it bothers me is that they are so close and they love to do things together, I often end up walking alone, sometimes eating alone..

I hope his brother to marry a special girl, someone who is really nice but won't overshadow me, cute but not cuter than me, preferably with the same clothes and shoes sizes, someone who can be my BFF I'm now realizing I'm secretly worried about my future sister in law to be too perfect or hot..

My dad is an identical twin and he told me that back when he lived in the same town as his twin brother some stranger came up to him when he was with my mom and slapped him. Its weird but really great. And then to make it especially crazy, the two of them had children a couple years ago.

How to Date a Twin

That were born on the birthday of… our wives. We talk about guys and relationships and watch a lot of real housewives together. The three of us lived together for a while before my husband and I got married and it was fun. My wife is a twin. Her sister and I have a relationship that I would liken to brother and sister. I am an only child, so it works out great for me. As far as romantic interests go, I am not interested in the twin at all.

I am getting married to a twin next week! I can definitely tell their looks apart but if they are in another room talking to one another it just sounds like she is having a conversation with herself. They have the exact same laugh and voice which can be confusing at times. I find his brother ugly LOL. I see them completely different. I love him more than I feel like I would a normal brother in law because he is a carbon copy of my husband. But I have no romantic feelings towards him whatsoever. Their personalities are polar opposites and I could never be attracted to him sexually or anything.

I dated a twin. Her identical twin sister was insanely jealous to the point of cockblocking. We broke up for unrelated reasons. My friend went on to marry twin in question and they had similar problems. Her twin is really co-dependent and intrusive. Not respectful of boundaries and would literally try to get between them. I was dating an identical twin.

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Her sister was married and had 3 kids. They did not look identical. Crazy what kids could do to you. Identical hairstyles, they do everything together, we have to live within a 5 minute radius of each other, they dress in the same style, and if one buys something then the other decides they like it and have to buy one as well.

We bought a new light for over our dining room table; a while later I notice my SIL has a new light — the same one we bought. This happens all the time. They spend a LOT of time together. Like probably 20 times a day they text or call, every day. My spouse sometimes gets recognized as their twin around the small town we live in.

I try and goad her into saying something obnoxious and blame it on the twin, but no dice. Probably not that different than most sister in laws TBH. Have a wife that is a identical twin. I gay dude dated a twin once, and his identical brother was in the closet at the time. The one I was dating cheated on me and the in-the-closet one consoled me, and we ended up sleeping together.


It was super surreal. Anybody knows dating someone freshly out of the closet and just discovering their identity is not going to last. Their bodies were identical and I really loved his brother before the heartbreak of him cheating, so it was intense and crazy.


She is a great sister in law. Spoils my son like an aunt should. She is completely different from my wife as a person and even though she looks the same there is zero physical attraction. My SIL twin was standing next to the chair. Without me knowing, she walked away and my wife came and stood next to me. She grabbed my hand and have it a squeeze and I got really awkward because I had no idea they had switched places on me until I looked.

My MIL thought that was hilarious. Their personalities are quite different.

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Their interests and career paths have diverged greatly. I can honestly say that my fiancee is one of a kind, and makes my life better and happier than anything I could have imagined. I am an identical twin and I am dating an identical twin. Her sister is great and got married last August.

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I used to date an identical twin, her sister and I did NOT get along. She was a stuck-up, vapid, sanctimonious girl. When I started dating my ex, her sister was the hot one, by the end of the relationship, my twin was the hot one.

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  • My boyfriend of 8 years has an identical twin. I met them both in high school, so I was friends with both of them for several months before my bf and I started dating. He and his twin had always lived together until about a year ago, so the three of us hang out together a lot. Early on his twin told me that he sometimes felt like a third wheel hanging out with a couple, but I sometimes felt like a third wheel hanging out with a set of twins, so we agreed to be friends and not worry about it.

    If you do, you will win the heart of the special sibling and improve your relationship with your significant other. Include his twin in activities, when appropriate. Invite him to double date when you head to the bowling alley or a movie with your significant other. Include him in holiday celebrations like Christmas and Hanukkah.

    It's OK to have time alone with your boyfriend without his twin, but realize that the bond they share is a strong one and needs to be considered when planning activities. Accept the fact that she will sometimes choose her sibling over you. Your significant other isn't trying to say you are not important by going to the mall with her twin sister and not asking you to come along. Instead, she is simply looking for time to spend with her twin. Treat your boyfriend and his twin as individuals, even though they may be very much alike.