Holo hookup june 2016

The Holo Hookup: June 2016 Indie Collaboration Box Swatches & Review

It's loaded with purple and red shimmers and multi-colored holographic UCC flakes. Times are Changing is beautiful and those shimmers are strong in both the warm and cold state. The UCC flakes really pop when it's in the warm state like a fun hidden surprise. Times are Changing has a wonderful formula. It applied smoothly and evenly. It also removed easily.

Cupcake Polish - Flash Forward.

Flash Forward is described as a scattered holographic thermal polish that transitions to a denim blue when cold to a turquoise color when warm. Flash Forward is gorgeous! I'm such a huge sucker for all things blue, and the denim blue to turquoise transition is more on the drastic side which is my absolute favorite. The turquoise color is so vibrant too.

Holo Hookup - Caribbean Drinks Theme (June 2018)

I just love it! Flash Forward has a wonderful formula. Cuz who has time for normal when there were spelling bees and pen pal letters and a weekend full of game shows to do? Actually, they are the FIRST Canadians in the Holo Hookup spotlight, so that sounds like a celebration bound to happen in a wallet-flying-out-of-purses-type of way. So here we go: And guests shall go first, cuz we keep it all sorts of ladylike around here.

I managed not to stamp all the things , which is always my first inclination, so for that fact alone, this mani gets a horn toot. Used the Lina AFair to Remember plate once again, mostly cuz I was too lazy to look for a different plate.

Swatch With Me: February Holo Hookup Box

But it turned out cute anyway. Looks like stamping with your eyes closed is not a good idea after all. Used the Uber Chic Beauty plate for something different. So 17 alarms and Post-It Notes in all the places?

Hook up swatch. Swatch With Me: February Holo Hookup Box

And now we are done! Oh the things I do for your love. Thank you for reading! And I agree this is a pretty great collection.

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I am so in love with this polish! This polish has an amazing formula with amazing coverage. The shimmers are absolutely stunning and make this polish shine!

Chemical Engineer By Day, Nail Art Addict By Night

This polish gives me life and I swear I would wear it every day! The holo, the shimmers, the micro glitters — you NEED this polish!

The Holo Hookup December 2018 Full Spoilers and Black Friday Deal!

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller… is a gilded golden light brown linear holo loaded with gold shimmers and flakies. Shown here is three coats plus top coat. This polish had a slight visible nail line after the second coat so I added a third to cover it up.