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Vicky broke down in tears at the time, and while Ricci admitted he felt "mint" - he has now admitted it was the worst decision he could have made. The star claims the pair fell into a stream of angry rows in the months that followed, as Ricci told the Sun on Sunday: Ricci told the paper that the worst fight came in Newcastle in , when the pair were in a taxi together after a night out.

I wanted to pretend our relationship was OK. Things finally came to an end in season five when the budding presenter sat Ricci down and called an end to their engagement.

Geordie Shore break-ups and make-ups: From Gaz and Charlotte to Vicky and Ricci - Mirror Online

Ricci was reportedly fired from the show after their split and the exes didn't speak again Throughout seasons one and two, Holly Hagan and James had a bit of a flirty thing going on. But unfortunately for the busty star their romance wasn't destined to last and James had to have an awkward chat with the red-headed reality star.

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  7. Geordie Shore break-ups and make-ups: From Gaz and Charlotte to Vicky and Ricci?

Taking her for a play in the park in season four, James revealed to the camera that he had found himself a girlfriend outside of the show. He'd planned on breaking the news to Holly that day but was worried about hurting her feelings. In season eight, Kyle Christie joined the house and he and Holly embarked on an on-off relationship that we're still not entirely sure is over today.

The couple split for the second time in , and have even been through periods of not speaking. But since they're still working together — last month they were filming together in Australia for the show's 12th season — it seems they've had to make up.


Early in February the bombshell was forced to hit back at claims she threw a "diva tantrum" before missing a Geordie Shore photo shoot Down Under. The reality TV star decided to skip the planned activity, and has taken to Twitter to defend her decision.

In series of tweets, she referred to ex Kyle Christie and admitted being around her ex-boyfriend was "difficult" despite their best efforts to remain as professional as possible following their breakup. I'm deeply sorry for anyone I've let down today sic ".

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Our favourite Geordie Shore couple met in the first season and their chemistry was obvious from the start. Charlotte even admitted she had feelings for the bad boy just days into the show.

But by the end of the series the pair split up after Charlotte woke up and saw Gaz having sex with another girl. Despite saying she'd NEVER go there again, the year-old changed her mind and the pair ended up having sex in the hot tub. Amongst all of the drama, one of the Geordies is asked to leave the house for bad behaviour.

Who will it be? One of the cast is also asked to leave the house Do you want a 'perky peach' of a posterior like hers?

As Charlotte Crosby snogs Love Island's Max Morley - a look back at her rollercoaster relationships

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